Specialists in agri-technologies and agri-business at your service

Are you looking for support to create innovation or to better promote your innovation? The local agronomic scientific community is here for you, don't hesitate to leverage this valuable resource. Multi-disciplinary teams of legal, scientific and business specialists at the Montpellier Méditerranée Métropole Business and Incubation Centre (lien interne), AgroValoMed (platform with Sup Agro, INRA & INRA Transfert) and Transferts LR are ready to work with you from the earliest phases of your project, directing you as necessary to the right laboratory contacts.

A start-up incubator dedicated to clean technologies

Are you looking for office and laboratory space adapted to your project? The Cap Alpha clean-tech start-up incubator located in Clapiers, just north of Montpellier, offers custom and modular office space and turn-key  laboratory solutions in a pleasant environment in the heart of the Montpellier ecosystem, close to campuses with an agronomic focus. Starting your company with Montpellier Méditerranée Métropole BIC is a great way for you to leverage daily opportunities to establish ties with other companies in the agronomic, farming and eco-innovation sectors. If space is not available at the Montpellier Méditerranée Métropole BIC facility directly, or if another incubation option seems more appropriate for your project, advisors will point you in the right direction. And help you save time.

Funding for your collaboration projects

The Qualiméditerranée competitiveness cluster unites a network of companies and research entities for innovative collaboration projects. This cluster works with you to help organize your project so that you can apply for funding from various sources, such as the French Unique Interministerial Fund and the French National Research Agency, each adapted to moving projects forward. Contact the Qualiméditerranée cluster if you are considering a collaboration project in one of these areas:

  • Varietal improvements: biotechnologies and genetics
  • Plant nutrition and protection: green chemistry...
  • Agri-ICT: sensors, modeling, monitoring to increase farming precision, water management
  • Clean processes: extraction, transformation and conservation
  • Qualifying the health interest of food products

Structured networks and professional conferences

Would you like to meet other companies, researchers and players in your field? Here is a non-exhaustive list of some of the networks and conferences that may interest you:


If you need technical information, don't hesitate to contact the Hérault Chamber of Agriculture.

We also recommend that you to look into AGIR contracts via the Languedoc-Roussillon Region, which organizes collective actions in the region.

AGIR for fruits and vegetables (Coordinated by Federation of Fruits and Vegetables  - Cooperation in Languedoc-Roussillon)

AGIR for organics (Coordinated by Sud et Bio)

AGIR for equipment manufacturers  (Coordinated by VINSEO)

AGIR for agri-food  (Coordinated by LRIA)

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