Specialists in sustainable development

  • For biodiversity: Agropolis International
  • For positive energy buildings in Mediterranean climates, energy network and storage management, non-building energy production: the  DERBI cluster
  • For geosciences: TERINOV
  • For water management: Pôle Eau (Water cluster)
  • For studies related to terrestrial layers, water environments and related risks: Pôle Risques (Natural Hazards cluster)
  • For green chemistry: Pôle Chimie Balard (Balard Chemistry Cluster)

A start-up incubator dedicated to clean technologies

Are you looking for office and laboratory space adapted to your project? The Cap Alpha clean-tech start-up incubator located in Clapiers, just north of Montpellier, offers custom and modular office space and turnkey laboratory solutions in a pleasant environment in the heart of the Montpellier ecosystem. Starting your company with the Montpellier Méditerranée Métropole Business and Innovation Centre (BIC) is a way for you to leverage a daily opportunity to establish ties with other companies in eco-innovation sectors. If space is not available at the Montpellier Méditerranée Métropole BIC facility directly, or if another incubation option seems more appropriate for your project, advisors will point you in the right direction. And help save you time.

Funding for your collaboration projects

Competitiveness clusters Derbi, Eau, Trimatec, Risques each coordinate networks of companies and research organizations focusing on innovative collaboration projects. These clusters advise you to help organize your project so that you can apply for funding from various sources, such as the French Unique Inter-ministry Fund and the French National Research Agency, each adapted to move projects forward. Contact the appropriate cluster if you would like to elaborate a collaboration project.

Organized networks and professional conferences

Would you like to meet other companies, researchers and players in your field? You probably already know about these events, but just in case, here are some links where you will find more information:
International conference on renewable energies and building-related applications
International water conference 

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