On November 12, 2014, Montpellier Métropole was awarded French Tech certification, recognizing the vitality of the local ecosystem dedicated to the digital sector and innovation. Emulation generated by the program benefits all the territory’s companies, from startups to large companies, each one bearing initiatives to highlight a cutting-edge technological environment.

One year later, to the day, four Montpellier companies undergoing hyper-growth were selected as laureates in the national “French Tech Pass” program. These four companies thus joined the five previous regional companies chosen to become France’s French Tech Champions last May.

Many promising projects

Various initiatives will be confirmed in 2016. Until construction is completed on a new flagship building dedicated to digital activities, French Tech startups will be given access to office space available in the former Montpellier city hall, a 4,000 sq. meter building with meeting rooms and a 660 sq. meter area reserved for managing French Tech community actions.

Recognized for its high-potential startups, particularly in health and clean-tech sectors, this ecosystem will collaborate with three other French Tech operators to extend the Pass program to new activity sectors in 2016.

Several initiatives are currently under consideration concerning a nationwide project for a Higher School of Digital Activities, as well as the development of international partnerships, and continued efforts to bring startups into contact with large companies.


100 millions of euros in funds raised in 2015

One year after the Montpellier area’s French Tech certification and ongoing demonstration of local vitality, several local companies recorded strong performance and succeeded in attracting investors in 2015. Some 79 million euros in funds were raised over the course of the year.

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French Tech Pass: 13 Montpellier companies certified in France

In 2015, the French government awarded the French Tech Pass to companies undergoing hyper-growth. Nine of those companies are members of the Montpellier digital ecosystem.

Five companies received their certification in May 2015, the other four in November 2015.

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An ecosystem system supporting the French Tech community

Many initiatives were set in motion when Montpellier Métropole submitted its candidature for the French Tech label in 2014. Their number continues to grow today. This collaboration-oriented spirit involving the entire local entrepreneurial ecosystem constitutes one of the real dynamic forces for the territory.

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Montpellier Métropole Business Innovation Center

Created in 1987, Montpellier’s BIC has now assisted over 601 young companies and is once again top-ranked in international classifications.
The BIC was designated as the second-best European incubator by the UBI Index, a global international ranking by UBI Global that compares 800 well-respected incubators in 67 countries.


The keys for success in France and abroad

The impact of French Tech is not just limited to startups. Its dynamics benefit the entire ecosystem.
On a national scale, the Montpellier Métropole area shows the second highest job creation rate (+5.6%). This represents 389 jobs created each year since 2009.
In addition, Montpellier’s digital ecosystem is driving every possible action to establish links internationally, building partnerships with foreign stakeholders, notably the United States and China.

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