Espace Entreprise Garosud: a business center for artisans

Espace Entreprise Garosud: a business center for artisans

Espace Entreprise, the business center at Garosud, is being expanded by 4,000 sq. meters, making it the largest business center in the Occitanie region.  Its originality is that it offers business center services for artisan companies that need workshops or storage space.

In November 2017, the Espace Entreprise business center at Garosud will open rentals for 4,000 sq. meters of additional space, in addition to its current 5,000 sq. meters. “This expansion will result in the largest business center in the Occitanie region,” explains Nicolas Dulion, the project’s promoter. Specialized in professional real estate, Nicolas Dulion already operates a business center in the Millénaire business park in Montpellier. He opened Espace Entreprise Garosud in early 2015. “We had observed that there were not any offerings adapted to the needs of artisan companies,” he explains. The Garosud project was therefore designed to offer all the services of a business center for light construction and technical finishing companies, including startups, in need of space to store products or prepare orders.” The concept clearly meets people’s expectations: the building was filled in just nine months.

Once the extension is complete, Espace Entreprise will comprise 95 offices and 75 workshop and storage facilities. The site will be enhanced by a wide range of shared services, equipment, and resources, including a reception area and secretary services, meeting rooms, a restaurant, child care, and a gym.

One unique aspect of Espace Entreprise is that it will also offer small spaces, starting at 8 sq. meters for offices and 50 sq. meters for work space, which gives occupants greater flexibility.“Renters are not stuck with a 3-, 6-, or 9-year lease,” highlights Nicolas Dulion. “They can leave any time, with just three months’ notice.”

Nicolas Dulion, who also manages an agency that handles professional space sales and rentals, chose to focus his activity on the Montpellier area. “The city is dynamic and there is high demand. I also know the companies well. That enables me to continue working with them even after they take off.”

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Thursday, 22 June, 2017

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