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Aive, using artificial intelligence to create videos

Information updated on 23/09/19

Located at the Cap Omega startup incubator in Montpellier, Aive will hire 15 developers and data scientists for its automated technology that creates and distributes advertising videos. The technology uses “creative” artificial intelligence.

Légende photo : Rudy Lellouche et Olivier Reynaud, fondateurs de la société Aive @dr

Rudy Lellouche and Olivier Reynaud, founders of Aive

This is the third company I’ve founded in Montpellier, after Airtist and Teads,” says Olivier Reynaud, who created Aive (acronym for Artificial Intelligence Video Experience) with Rudy Lellouche in February 2019.

The idea to establish the world’s largest video creation studio using creative artificial intelligence came to me several years ago. We have already received financial support from motivated and influential French entrepreneurs for the project, which will also be good for Montpellier’s image.”

The Montpellier startup set up its sales office in Paris and chose Montpellier BIC’s Cap Omega incubator for its three-person technical team as of April 2019. The company plans on expanding its staff:

We are going to hire 15 people over the next 12 months. This includes front-end and back-end developers and senior scientists,” adds Olivier Reynaud. “Our goal is to hire top talents.

First version planned for early 2020

By using artificial intelligence, this original technology can automatically generate different variations of a brand’s promotional videos in order to adapt them for multiple targets. For example, advertisers’ formats and content vary based on media type (mobile platforms, tablets, computers) as well as region, age, gender, and more.

Today, adapting content is costly and time consuming,” insists Olivier Reynaud. “With our technology, hundreds of variations can be produced much faster and at a lower cost.

The startup will also provide broadcasters with an automated distribution solution. The first version of the company’s new technology is expected to be released in early 2020, after a year of development.

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