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APF Entreprises 34, an original response to social, economic, and environmental challenges

Information updated on 24/03/20

APF Entreprises 34 has 52 employees with disabilities, working in activities with high value added and a strong ecological focus. Leading the way in terms of CSR, the company deploys its economic, social, and environmental commitment in Montpellier.

Christophe Rey, directeur d'APF Entreprises 34©DR

Christophe Rey, director of APF Entreprises 34; Céline Sauzeau, QES/CSR manager; Vincent Sivy, deputy director (from left to right) ©DR

It’s hard to show a better example! To encourage and promote its 52 handicapped employees, APF Entreprises 34 trained its staff to handle activities with high value added and a strong focus on ecological aspects. The organization is a French “adapted company”, meaning that at least 80% of its staff is handicapped.

Their tasks include refurbishing toner cartridges, recycling electricity meters and computer equipment, custom-designing and manufacturing lithium batteries, and assembling complex products for Montpellier startups such as Vaonis, Tzic, and Bulane (which is on its way to help decarbonize the 2024 Paris Olympics).

As part of APF France Handicap, the Montpellier association increases its team’s skills by devoting 6% of its total payroll to training, with a yearly average that is six times higher than the legal requirement in France.

The “adapted company” lowered its carbon footprint

Leveraging its expertise, APF Entreprise 34 generates annual revenue of 3.1 M€ with a staff of 70 people. Its leadership role in terms of corporate social responsibility (CSR) is another major factor for its success.

“We adopted a pioneering approach about a dozen years ago to limit our ecological impact and improve working conditions for our employees,” highlights Christophe Rey, director of APF Entreprises 34.

The results are convincing: the adapted company benefits from a low level of absenteeism (5.6% in 2019), and also reduced its carbon footprint with a high energy performance building, strict selection of suppliers (in particular for transportation), and developing transportation methods as alternatives to cars for its employees.

Located in the Eurêka business park since 2009 with support from Montpellier Méditerranée Métropole, the association is also part of the Montpellier, Positive Industry approach led by local authorities. In addition, it is their intention to support industry companies seeking to have a positive economic, social, and ecological impact on the territory.

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