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AquaTech Innovation, the solution for treating wastewater in environments with constraints

Information updated on 29/07/21

With its completely ecological wastewater treatment system, the Montpellier company is in the latest class of French startups accelerating the ecological transition.

Genevieve MARAIS Genevieve Marais, présidente de la société Aquatech Innovation @David Maugendre

Geneviève Marais, présidente of AquaTech Innovation

AquaTech Innovation’s treatment system transforms wastewater into water whose quality  is “suitable for swimming, without visual, sound, or residual impact on the local environment.” For that reason, AquaTech Innovation was selected to join the latest class in the GreenTech Innovation call-for-interest, alongside 44 other French startups that are “accelerating the ecological transition.”
The announcement was made on May 3, 2021 by Barbara Pompili, the French Minister for Ecological Transition, and Cédric O, French Secretary of State for the Digital Transition and Electronic Communications. This comes as yet another distinction for the young company founded in 2018, which set up its offices at the Montpellier BIC incubator in March 2020.
The solution developed by AquaTech Innovation is completely new. Protected by a patent, and 100% organic, the company’s water treatment process is embedded in a modular unit that is moveable, autonomous, powered by a solar panel, and monitored remotely via sensors. It is already being used at Vacanceselect Group campgrounds and leisure ports, including Cap d’Agde and Port Ilon.

“Treated household wastewater can be released in natural environments or used to irrigate green spaces. Our treatment unit does not generate any pollutants,” explains Geneviève Marais, CEO of the company. In addition to sea and river port zones and the outdoor hospitality sector, AquaTech Innovation also serves isolated tourist sites, protected natural and seashore areas, mountain refuges, and more. A solution was even developed for non-profit organizations, the military, and emergency services in case of natural disasters.

They are now taking a closer look at possibilities for the 2024 Olympic Games.

AquaTech Innovation is riding a wave of success and continues to gain exposure. With its seven employees, the company has won many awards, including the My Med challenge and the 2020 Regional VSE Prize.

A member of Aqua-Valley and Pôle Mer Méditerranée, Aqua Tech would now like to accelerate its growth.

The company is planning to raise 1 M€ in funding by the end of the year, and is thankful for the assistance it receives from Montpellier BIC: “Montpellier BIC brings us indispensable expertise for developing a company such as ours,” highlights Geneviève Marais.

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