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Audio Workshop composes its path without any false notes

Information updated on 24/03/20

Specializing in sound design, Audio Workshop has two strings in its bow: audio post-production and training people in sound professions. With a bullseye in export markets, the company is firmly attached to the Montpellier ecosystem.


In photo, from left to right: Morgan Dufour (CEO and co-founder, production director), Marie-Laure Métral (production manager), Ludovic Lefèvre (sound designer), Jean-Claude Charlier (freelance sound designer), and Gaëtan Theyssier (co-founder)

As a child, he loved watching TV shows with his brother. “We used to have fun remaking them our own way,” remembers Morgan Dufour. After becoming director of the Piste Rouge studio in Angoulême – one of the French leaders of audio post-production – he decided to found Audio Workshop in 2018 with Gaëtan Theyssier.

“After having taken classes that I felt were too scholastic, I wanted to offer learning that is more in phase with the occupation, open to the outside world and leveraging my networks,” explains Morgan Dufour.

The company thus combines e-learning and classroom training, with master classes featuring professionals from around the world, company visits, participation in trade shows, creation of projects with other schools such as ArtFX, Objectif3D, IAD 3D, and more. It is an effective strategy: “Ten of the fourteen students in our first audio post-production class immediately found work.

The others continued on with our video game program that we opened this year,” adds Morgan Dufour, who also announces the 2021 launch of a new 15-day curriculum focusing on music.

Two clusters, Coodio and Push Start, and MICC

At the same time, Audio Workshop also offers a range of services for sound and image (cinema, TV, video games, advertising, web...) ranging from editing to multi-channel mixing, sound effects, music composition, and dubbing in ten languages in collaboration with partner studios in Los Angeles, Rome, Dubai, and Buenos Aires. Its successes include the video game “Ghost Recon Breakpoint” by Ubisoft, the Arabic version of a Netflix TV series, and dubbing for the upcoming Moonycat and DigixArt games in American English.

Audio Workshop, which already doubled its revenue in one year, hopes to hire a fifth employee soon. The young startup is active in the Coodio and Push start clusters for, respectively, audio and video games.

“Montpellier Méditerranée Métropole contributed significantly to developing our image and our networks, notably by inviting us to its events such as MICC, the trade show for cultural and creative industries. In turn, we try to help increase exposure for the Montpellier ecosystem,” concludes Morgan Dufour.

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