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Co-creation, a lever for property and real estate planning

Information updated on 30/03/21

For the past several years, Montpellier Métropole has pursued a highly collaborative approach to continuously co-build the most appropriate property and real estate offering possible for companies, while also integrating environmental considerations.

La co-création, un levier pour une programmation immobilière et foncière en faveur du développement économique et de l’emploi

Co-creation, a lever for property and real estate planning fostering economic development and job growth

This approach is embodied in a Business Hosting Plan (“Schéma d’Accueil des Entreprises”, SAE).

To illustrate how Montpellier Métropole co-builds within its territory, series #1 for tomorrow’s real estate co-creators has been launched.

Focus on co-creation workshops

One of several different collaborative channels used to understand businesses’ expectations, co-creation workshops are held once or twice a year focusing on priority topics targeted by Montpellier Métropole.
Over 80 participants/experts concerned by covered topics were involved in 2020, including property developers, promoters, investors, real estate agencies, associations, companies, and economic players.  Participants offered their testimonials and expertise, further enriching the SAE plan’s operational roadmap.
These workshops are a key link in the co-building process for the local property and real estate offering central to the SAE approach. Collective emulation, which was once again an important factor during the most recent co-creation workshops, will result in the publication of a white paper in the first half of 2021. The white paper will contain a rich collection of knowledge for guiding professional property planning, always fostering wealth and job creation in our territory.

With the upcoming white paper “Let’s imagine tomorrow’s real estate together”, and its exhaustive information and content relating to 6 targeted topics, a new series presents experts’ opinions on four themes:

  • Real estate offering dedicated to the health ecosystem
  • Co-working and flex offices: evolving user expectations
  • The evolution of productive employment
  • Planning a real estate offering in priority districts

The Business Establishment Department would like to sincerely thank all participants for sharing their ideal vision regarding the professional property offering most likely to support metropolitan and territory-wide development.

Will you be in season #2 of the co-creators of tomorrow?

☎ If you also feel concerned by this concept and would like to share your experience as a business stakeholder or real estate professional, please contact the Business Establishment Department by calling +33 4 67 13 61 21.

Main goal of the Business Hosting Plan

The Business Hosting Plan (“Schéma d’Accueil des Entreprises”, SAE) cross-checks data from the field, linked to companies as directly as possible, with priorities in terms of city planning and development within the territory. The data is then considered in the context of changes in the private real estate market as well as with respect to the socio-demographic data that characterizes the area.  The SAE thus helps produce an in-depth analysis of the variables influencing economic development (human resources, sectors, ecosystem, office space, city planning, ecology...) and generates strategic recommendations to provide property and real estate solutions that meet the expectations of businesses while respecting the environment.
The main objective of this active consultation, led by the Montpellier Méditerranée Métropole Business Establishment Department, is to favor the development and establishment of businesses in high-potential and job creating sectors.
Every year, an average of 700 projects are assisted and accompanied on a daily basis by Montpellier Métropole teams. Collected information contributes to the foundation of qualitative and quantitative data in the Business Hosting Plan.
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