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Companies and corporate commitment: working for a more sustainable economy

Information updated on 28/01/20

On November 28, the Social Entrepreneur Movement and Montpellier Méditerranée Métropole held an original and dynamic round table with experts recognized for their corporate commitment to develop a more responsible and sustainable economy.

De gauche à droite : Virgnie De Capiele du CJD, Cyril Rheims de Clip It, Pauline Chatin Les Vignes de Cocagnes, Christophe Chevallier du groupe Archer, Thomas Binet de Vertigolab et Christine Pujol Noël de la Banque des Territoires à Montpellier @DR

From left to right: Virginie De Capiele (CJD), Cyril Rheims (Clip It), Pauline Chatin (Les Vignes de Cocagnes), Christophe Chevallier (Archer group), Thomas Binet (Vertigolab), Christine Pujol Noël (Banque des Territoires) in Montpellier @DR

“Changing a company’s posture requires effort. Cooperating and becoming committed implies meeting others and, above all, taking risks together!”

Those are the words used by Christophe Chevallier, CEO of the Archer group and an expert in societal issues, to present the round table entitled “The company as a driver for developing solidarity and territorial ecology”, held on November 28 at the Montpellier Métropole building.
Organized by the Social Entrepreneur Movement (Mouves) and Montpellier Métropole as part of Social and Solidarity Economy Month, the round table highlighted pioneers in the field and broadened the scope of the social and solidarity economy to more generally include corporate commitment.
The issue was relevant enough to attract nearly 80 participants to the event, including many company directors. The goal was to explore ways to find innovative and responsible solutions to meet challenges related to ecology and employment. “Many local companies already invest significantly and share values with respect to corporate commitment,” points out Gérard Lannelongue, delegate advisor and responsible for economic development in the industry with Montpellier Méditerranée Métropole.

An opportunity for companies to express themselves

Montpellier Métropole offers a highly active ecosystem for entrepreneurs. We must collectively help them reinforce sustainability and control the impact of their projects,” confirms Virginie de Capèle, co-founder of Cap*L, a management consultancy specializing in topics related to responsibility. For example, Drôle de Pain’s three bakeries in Montpellier all use local products, hiring about a dozen people going through employment integration.
Pauline Chatin, creator of Vigne de Cocagne in Fabrègues also spoke at the round table. She met that dual challenge successfully. A wine producer, she founded a cooperative company of collective interest with her partners with a mission to assist people having difficulties finding work, helping them head towards professional integration in wine making.

Cyril Rheims, co-founder of Clip-it, invented a new business model for the circular economy. “We buy plastic bottle caps from an association that helps handicapped people, and we recycle them into games for children,” summarizes the entrepreneur who also develops reusable bottle caps designed to drastically reduce the use of plastic. Several initiatives were proposed by experts and other participants to go further with corporate commitment, such as creating a “label for small companies as a means to share good practices.

“It is important for companies to integrate three elements if they want to commit further: a positive state of mind, a desire to build together, and the notion of sustainability,” conclude the round table’s organizers, Mouves and Montpellier Méditerranée Métropole, accurately summarizing the spirit of the event and its very positive impact.

You too can share your ideas on the web to make the business world better, with these hashtags: #noussommesdemain (we are tomorrow) and #jagis (taking action).
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