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Context’Art gives creators a boost in La Mosson

Information updated on 14/12/21

For the past year, the Context’Art association has assisted creators seeking to develop their business activity in Montpellier’s priority neighborhoods. The incubator audits and trains creators and helps them approach entrepreneurship.

A La Mosson, Context’Art donne des ailes aux créatifs @David Richard

Context’Art gives creators a boost in La Mosson ©David Richard

A business springboard for people driving creative projects in priority neighborhoods, the Context’Art incubator in Montpellier’s La Mosson district expects to meet its goals for 2019: 40 people received, of which half benefited from an audit and eight are starting to test their activity.

“We provide them with personalized assistance for all aspects of their business, including strategic, legal, financial, and commercial issues, and beyond, to fine-tune their project and launch their effort under real-world conditions in a secure framework,” highlights Marie Benoit, a business creation advisor for the association.

Photographer and videographer Rado Rakotoarimalanto is starting to try out his activity at the incubator, along with Kevin Pourtier, designer of video games, role games, and board games. “I am going to reinforce my skills and contact studios and independent creators,” explains Kevin Pourtier.

Other creators include the Abawé association, which unites street artists; and Nourdine Bara, a Montpellier writer living in the La Mosson district, creating spaces and literary events, and wishing to organize and develop his action.

Workshops at Tropisme Hall

Hosted at the Louis-Feuillade community center, dedicated to urban culture and images, the incubator is a 3-year experimental facility launched by the City of Montpellier and Montpellier Métropole as part of the Podem initiative (project for the development of metropolitan area jobs, co-managed by the French government and Montpellier Méditerranée Métropole) and a contract with the city in partnership with entrepreneurship associations such as “La Fabrique à Entreprendre.”
Implementation is handled by Context’Art, an association that advises, trains, and assists project leaders and companies in the creative sector. Whether entrepreneurs originate from the La Mosson incubator or elsewhere, they participate in collective workshops organized in Context’Art offices near the Saint Roch train station, at Tropisme Hall, and the Louis-Feuillade community center in Montpellier.

Office hours every Tuesday from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM at the Louis-Feuillade Community Center
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