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Diota in the momentum of “Montpellier, Positive Industry”

Information updated on 14/12/21

Startup Diota, deploying digital solution in the industry, earned its French Tech Pass in 2018. The company creates innovative tools at its Montpellier site. A nice example of “Positive Industry” promoted by Montpellier Métropole.

Ludovic Perrier (à droite), directeur des opérations de Diota, avec Vincent Thibeaut responsable de production (à gauche). @David Richard

Ludovic Perrier (right), director of operations at Diota, with Vincent Thibeaut, production manager (left). @David Richard

Startup Diota created an assembly facility at its site in Montpellier, opened four years ago, to produce hi-tech tools such as sensors, cameras for augmented reality and visual control, screens, and more. The company’s tools are used to deploy its software solutions for industry clients, such as Renault, Dassault, Airbus, Safran, SNCF, Thalès, and others, to help optimize their production and automate quality control. Diota earned its French Tech Pass certification thanks to its success in France and abroad over the past four years, as demonstrated by its fast growth. This rising star of Montpellier’s Industry 4.0 increased sales revenue by 64% in 2018 and the company expects to reach a new milestone again this year.

Hiring in Montpellier

Numerous innovations have emerged from Diota’s production facility.

“For example, we invented the first augmented reality projection device to help facilitate work for operators,” explains Ludovic Perrier, director of operations, co-founder of Diota, and director of the Montpellier site.

The facility includes training, assistance, and support services, as well as data preparation, the solution Quality department, information system administration, and procurement. 15 of the Paris-based startup’s 74 employees are located in Montpellier. The company discovered an environment in the Montpellier Métropole area that is beneficial for its growth.

“Here, we can hire all the talents we need, particularly for our international development, thanks to a vast pool of startups, universities and schools, the digital sector, and scientific and technological innovation,” exclaims the director of operations.

“Montpellier, Positive Industry”

As a responsible and committed pioneer, Diota is a perfect example of the “Montpellier, Positive Industry” signature, an initiative of Montpellier Métropole and local industry stakeholders.

The company “implemented its culture of caring from the very beginning so that our employees would feel good at work. This includes personnel representatives, monthly social events, quarterly information breakfasts, and more,” explains Ludovic Perrier. He is also committed to implementing ecological actions at the Montpellier site, such as recycling paper with an on-site shredder, and sorting and recycling materials when reorganizing the facility.

The “Montpellier, Positive Industry” approach promoted by Montpellier Métropole consists of helping traditional industry companies in fields such as construction, metalwork, and others, and industries including new information and communication technologies, energy-environment, and health, which have positive economic, ecological, and social impact within the territory. The goal is to build an efficient and sustainable “Made in Montpellier” economy.
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