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Diving into the Echo Squad submarine adventure

Information updated on 23/11/18

In late October, the Gear Prod studio launched a role-playing concept enhanced with a video game, exploring deep-sea abysses in the life-size submarine Red Squid. With Montpellier BIC assistance, Gear Prod appreciates the rich local video game ecosystem.

Plongée dans l’aventure sous-marine Echo Squad

Gilles Raymond (left) and Adrien Vert, two directors of Gear Prod, inside the Red Squid submarine

How would you like to take the helm of a life-size submarine? Created in October 2017, the Montpellier-based studio Gear Prod dives into the adventure with Echo Squad, a fun activity at the crossroads of an escape game and a video game.

Our idea was to join existing technologies to offer a full 360° experience using sight, sound, and decor,” explains Adrien Vert, creative director.

Four to six players (age 10 or older) enter the submarine and, for an hour, become the captain, navigator, gunner, mechanic, or sonar operator, challenged by enemies and deep-sea monsters. The story adapts to their behavior during the interactive adventures, orchestrated by a video game engine.

The experience encourages people to collaborate, communicate, and stand together,” adds Adrien Vert.

After one year of development, Echo Squad opened to the public on October 30, in the DoTank facility near Montpellier’s Saint Roch train station. In September, a successful crowdfunding campaign enabled the young startup to distribute 500 tickets for an advance preview. Several companies have already booked packages with Gear Prod to stimulate team building.

Montpellier, the new El Dorado for video games

Three partners with complementary talents originated this very innovative project, two from Montpellier and one from Tours: Gilles Raymond, technical director; Adrien Vert, creative director; and Philippe Blandin, financial director.

Montpellier BIC’s assistance was essential,” the directors confirm. “They helped us choose our bank and certified public accountant. Adrien took the entrepreneur training program. Not only that, but here in Montpellier, we are in the new El Dorado for video games! We have talked extensively with other studios, which also gave us a real boost.

Gear Prod benefited from loans from Créalia, a French Tech “Scholarship,” and regional aid, and now wants to convince investors-operators to bring the Echo Squad adventure to other major cities.

We hope to open about twenty sites.” 

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