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Doing business differently: "Main Gauche" unites positive industry with growth

Information updated on 17/10/19

To support its fast growth, Montpellier-based “Main Gauche” will build a €10 million site at Garosud and hire massively. With its French Tech Pass certification, the textile printing company is a brilliant illustration of the Positive Industry concept.

Le président fondateur de Main Gauche Alexandre Kosmala. @DR

Alexandre Kosmala, founder and CEO of Main Gauche

Main Gauche took a successful gamble that can be considered quite delicate for a French textile company: they chose to fully integrate production. Workshops at their Parc 2000 site in Montpellier currently produce two million articles per year. The SME has already convinced 15,000 companies, associations, clubs, and local governments to focus on quality and sustainable development to personalize their t-shirts, sweatshirts, and tote bags.

We master all the techniques, including embroidery, serigraph printing, digital printing, and Flex. That is a major advantage,” highlights Kevin Bresson, director of communication. Founded in Dunkerque in 2008, Main Gauche chose to grow in Montpellier since 2014 “for its location, vitality, and the sea and sun,” says CEO and founder Alexandre Kosmala.

Main Gauche ticks all the boxes on the positive industry checklist, as imagined by Montpellier Méditerranée Métropole: sustainable production, heavy use of digital technologies, and a strong social and environmental commitment.

“As of the end of August, we are the first French company to obtain GOTS* certification for our 100% organic production,” adds Alexandre Kosmala. As a member of the “1% for the Planet” network since January, Main Gauche will donate 1% of its sales to environmental associations.

Creation of about 50 jobs

Having kept a relatively low profile until now, Main Gauche wants to become more visible in the Montpellier ecosystem in order to fulfill its objectives, which including hiring about 50 employees to keep up with its fast growth. The company’s 6 million euros in annual revenue is expected to double in 2019-2020.

Our goal is to transform the SME into a mid-sized company and become the leader in France, then the leader in Europe,” explains Alexandre Kosmala.

The strategic “Colossus” project implies recruitment for all types of jobs, including workshops, IT, sales, marketing, and logistics.  With 44 employees a year ago, staff size reached 72 people in late August, and is expected to reach 130 employees when the company moves into its future facility in Garosud in late 2020. The €10 million construction project will begin in December 2019.

“The new site will give us 10 to 15 times more capacity,” calculates Alexandre Kosmala.

* The Global Organic Textile Standard, GOTS, is the global reference for evaluating organic fiber.

Main Gauche is a member of the Metropolitan Council for Positive Industry, an initiative launched by Montpellier Méditerranée Métropole.
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