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Electric Motion has its hand on the throttle

Information updated on 14/12/21

At its factory in Vendargues, Electric Motion is developing and manufacturing off-road electric motorcycles, now selling in thirty countries. With 60% growth in 2019, the innovative industrial company and its staff of fourteen plan to move even faster.

At the end of the workshop, after the assembly line, a series of large boxes shelters electric motorcycles ready to head out for Australia, Japan, the United States, Europe, and South Africa. “70% of our sales are international,” confirms Philippe Aresten, CEO and founder of Electric Motion. The company was created in 2009. 

“After 2.3 million euros in sales and 60% growth in 2019, we forecast 480 units in 2020, half of which are the top-of-the-line model.” 

Based in Vendargues, just east of Montpellier, the manufacturer has prepared for this acceleration in business. Set up in the summer of 2019, the 1,000 m² office-factory space (five times larger than its previous location) in the Via Domitia business park will enable Electric Motion to “be comfortable for five or six years. We can build up to 2,000 motorcycles per year.” The catalog comprises six models “offering performance equivalent to combustion engine motorcycles, with a similar weight and at the same price.” 

The brand rivals the top combustion engines at sporting events. Electric Motion even won a title as French Champion in a trials event in 2014. Starting in March, three riders will defend the brand’s colors at French and World championships, and in the hardest trials challenge in the world, the “Scottish Six Days Trial” in May.

Positive Industry in action

The company’s technological, industrial, and commercial gamble was not always a sure thing. “I started with a blank slate,” remembers Philippe Aresten.

“People told me that I was crazy and that it would never work! But I was born with a desire to innovate. 100% of our technologies are designed within the company. It’s important to keep one step ahead.” 

The fourteen-person team – all motorcycle fans – are divided among the engineering office, process office, production, and procurement (it takes 377 parts to make a motorcycle). “I took another gamble,” admits Philippe Aresten. “I placed my trust in young people.” 

His company is a perfect illustration of the Positive Industry concept promoted by Montpellier Méditerranée Métropole that permeates his territory, innovative and responsible. Electric Motion plans to hire four or five more people in 2021.
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