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French Tech Tremplin awards two Montpellier startups

Information updated on 29/04/21

Origin’ailes and Drop of Curiosity join the springboard program, which seeks to promote social diversity and equal opportunity in the startup ecosystem. Breaking down barriers!

Deux jeunes sociétés montpelliéraines, lauréates du French Tech Tremplin

Two Montpellier startups awarded by French Tech Tremplin

Drop of Curiosity and Origin’ailes have joined the first class of the French Tech Tremplin initiative, a springboard for startups. The national program, of which Montpellier BIC is a partner, seeks to promote social diversity and equal opportunity within the startup company ecosystem. A report published in 2019 showed that too many promising talents are held back by socio-economic barriers.

Helping students learn more effectively

Drop of Curiosity matches the initiative’s goals perfectly. The startup’s founder, Gonzalo Ruiz, publishes short videos in which he takes 60 seconds to explain the wonderful world of the human brain and nervous system. With a Master’s in neuroscience, he shares his knowledge in these video clips that are so well-made and well-documented that his Tik-Tok channel now has over 44,000 subscribers.

“A lot of young people use video sharing applications and platforms for learning and discovering new things. The health crisis simply exacerbated the trend,” he explains.

Following assistance by the Pépite Languedoc-Roussillon network, Gonzalo Ruiz decided to present training modules to students in order to teach them how to learn more, better, faster, and more effectively so that they don’t miss opportunities.

Making life easier for families with autistic children

Origin’ailes is also involved with social and societal innovation, focusing on the needs of families with autistic children. Parents generally do not receive enough support, even though their role is essential. Origin’ailes seeks to help them by leveraging the expertise of its two founders: Marine Ysambert, an educator specialized in autism; and her mother Sylvie, a specialist in marketing and communication.
In addition to providing a service for contacting professionals, Origin’ailes also offers practical workshops to help families build skills and to raise awareness among teachers. The company has developed a mobile application to make it easier to track and coordinate care.

Assisted by Montpellier BIC

Just like Drop of Curiosity, Origin’ailes is assisted by Montpellier BIC. “BIC assistance was essential. Like many other startups, our company has to deal with financial issues,” highlights Sylvie Ysambert. Origin’ailes also joined the Jump’In Création program. With a combination of group workshops and one-on-one meetings with innovation experts, the program helps innovative startup project leaders get going on the right foot.

“This initiative is very enriching. We are also mentored by Clément Saad, president of French Tech Méditerranée,” adds Marine. 

French Tech Tremplin is a stepping stone towards greater equal opportunity.
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