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Histalim, developing personalized medicine

Information updated on 13/09/22

Histalim develops biomarkers that show a tumor’s immune profile, providing a diagnostic tool that is unique in Europe. The Montpellier company, which joined the Cerba Healthcare group in 2018, is focusing on international development.

Jean-Philippe Coton, fondateur de Histalim ©DR

Jean-Philippe Coton, founder of Histalim ©DR

When treating cancer, oncologists increasingly choose precision-oriented medicine that leverages new therapies such as immunotherapy. Providing services in histology (study of human tissue) and image analysis, Histalim positioned itself in the development of these personalized anti-cancer treatments. The company’s biomarkers for profiling tumors offer a diagnostic tool that is unique in Europe.

Histalim is also the first company in Europe to use complex immunohistochemistry (IHC), a high-precision imaging technology that simultaneously shows several biomarkers from a single section.

For any given cancer, the immune blocking mechanisms in action may differ from one patient to another,” explains Jean-Philippe Coton, founder of the company created in 2005. 

Understanding where the weaknesses are will make it possible to adapt therapeutic strategy as accurately as possible. Repairing these blocking mechanisms can restore a patient’s immune system performance, which helps them fight against tumors.

Personalized medicine is a highly attractive sector for the pharmaceutical industry,” adds the company director. Histalim has developed its Histoprofile range of services for “immune-profiling” tumors.

The company already has experience with about forty clinical trials to validate its protocols. In September 2018, Histalim joined the Cerba Healthcare group, an expert in biological diagnostics present in fifty countries. The company remains firmly rooted in Montpellier.

The Montpellier Métropole area benefits from an excellent ecosystem, particularly with respect to its university and hospital community, which favors initiatives in cutting-edge medical fields,” adds Jean-Philippe Coton. “That aspect enabled us to be efficient, remain local, and become a European leader in our area with less than 50 employees.”

Histalim’s positioning also gives the company an opportunity to participate in R&D projects in many other fields, including ecotoxicity, dermocosmetics, and the food industry.
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