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Imageau facilitates sustainable use of water resources

Information updated on 14/12/21

ImaGeau has developed an innovative tool to measure water table quality based on electrical conductivity. The goal is to achieve sustainable management of aquifer resources. The Montpellier expert is now taking the path towards digital.

Olivier Depraz, directeur général d’ImaGeau. @david crespin
How to protect underground water resources? This was the question ImaGeau sought to answer when it was founded in 2008. A spinoff from the CNRS Montpellier Geosciences laboratory, the young company found the Montpellier Métropole area favorable for its growth.

“Under the watchful eye of Cap Alpha, we benefited from logistical support and personal assistance from Montpellier BIC and Transferts LR (now Ad’Occ), both of which validated our project’s feasibility,” highlights Olivier Depraz, CEO of ImaGeau.

Concretely speaking, the company designed, patented, and implemented its Subsurface Monitoring Device (SMD) technology. This innovative tool measures the quality of water tables according to their electrical conductivity, using sensors installed in wells and connected to an Internet-based data viewing system. This monitoring solution helps operators manage water resources sustainably.

Project for a web application

ImaGeau joined the Saur group in 2017 to fund its growth. Saur is the 3rd largest player in the water sector. The company also transformed itself into an engineering consultancy, offering real expertise in hydrophysics for complex phenomena that affect aquifer resources in France and abroad.

“Today, we are taking a third turn in our path forwards and heading towards the digital world,” rejoices Olivier Depraz. Formerly a marketing manager in the information technology sector, he wishes to “develop a web application that will first equip all Saur wells to optimize operating potential and avoid incidents.” Leveraging this momentum to penetrate new markets, ImaGeau – now with 10 employees – will hire two web developers by the end of 2019.

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