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Internationalization as a growth strategy

Information updated on 27/12/22

How do you plan to meet the challenges related to expanding your business?

Have you already considered internationalization as the right growth strategy?

The global economy is experiencing one of the most dynamic and transformative periods in history, driven by market unification, product standardization, new communication channels, and much more. The result is that the world seems to be getting smaller and more accessible.
These days, large companies are not the only ones expanding internationally. SMEs and entrepreneurs also have the opportunity to do so. This strategy is gaining in popularity thanks to the benefits of living in an interconnected world.

This is the case for me personally and professionally, as I am currently based in Montpellier as part of ieTeam Group’s own internationalization process.

We are a consulting group based in San Sebastian, Spain, and we have several regional offices in Brazil, Colombia, and Mexico. We leverage our Internationalization Department to help companies develop their business abroad, both through our own offices and our partner network in over 25 countries.
The internationalization process for companies goes beyond simply exporting their goods and services. It consists of using available resources strategically in order to take advantage of the various opportunities that exist in other markets.
It is a key strategy for securing growth and enhancing future opportunities by expanding sales, acquiring resources, reducing risk, and diversifying into new territories.
All this leads to more customers, larger markets, and higher profits.
When entering a new market, it is essential to take the economic, regulatory, legislative, cultural, technological, and social factors of the target market into account. You must be able to deal with the different situations that may arise as your business develops, since each market has its own very specific characteristics.
Internationalization is one way to take your business to the next level.
Having experienced internationalization first-hand from our own efforts, we can say that it represents a key opportunity to increase revenue and growth. Expanding into new geographic areas, seeking out new business opportunities, and gaining market share in additional countries gives your company the ability to grow, invest, expand, recruit, and diversify.
On top of that, it helps companies resist adverse economic cycles, as their activities are more competitive and diversified. Some companies even experience growth during economic downturns.
Likewise, internationalization helps strengthen your brand, particularly because it promotes values such as decisiveness, courage, and resilience.
In that respect, ieTeam is an approved operator for the “Chèque Relance Export” (Export Recovery Voucher), a program for SMEs and mid-sized companies implemented by Business France to boost exports. We are also an approved operator for Bpifrance’s “Assurance Prospection Accompagnement” (Prospection Support Insurance) program. These types of initiatives offer an excellent opportunity for companies to take up the internationalization challenge.

What about you, how do you plan to meet the challenges of expanding your business?