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Izuba Energies running on alternative power

Information updated on 25/06/20

Specialized in energy and environmental optimization for buildings, Izuba Energies brilliantly combines ecological commitment, social innovation, and economic performance.

Photo de l'équipe d'Izuba @dr

Renaud Mikolasek, General Manager (top row, 2nd from left) and the entire Izuba team

In a low carbon footprint building lined with straw and wood designed for the comfort of its occupants, Izuba Energies headquarters in Fabrègues demonstrates both its expertise and its commitment.

“We have always fought to promote ecological transition. For us, it goes hand in hand with social well-being,” summarizes Renaud Mikolasek, the company’s founder and General Manager.

Izuba Energies has been developing software for eco-design in buildings, while also performing energy and environmental studies for both new construction and renovation projects. The company trains professionals in its areas of expertise. And it does all that with its legal status as a French “Cooperative and Participatory Company” (SCOP).

“We felt that our status as a cooperative seemed to be a logical extension of the associative environment where we began. It was also a highly motivating choice for our employees,” explains Renaud Mikolasek. “We don’t have any department directors. Everyone is involved with decision-making and participates in a profit-sharing plan.”

Focus on innovation: from the Pleiades application to BIM technology

Performance is natural part of Izuba Energies’ DNA. The company generated €1.5 million in revenue in 2019, up 10% from the previous year. Growth is under control, notably thanks to the success of their Pleiades software application, which rose to the top of the market in France for its simulation features.

“Beyond our societal commitment, our tool is distinguished by its intuitive interface, data entry speed, and responsive technical support,” highlights Renaud Mikolasek.

Izuba Energies is now also interested in BIM technology (Building Information Modeling‎) to create the most effective transitions possible between digital models and energy and carbon footprint simulations. While most of the company’s clients are French, including engineering offices, local authorities, and more, the SCOP plans to take its first international steps within the coming year. Of course, without giving up their local roots.

“The Montpellier Métropole area provides the social and solidarity economy with a very favorable ecosystem for company growth,” adds the General Manager.

Izuba Energies also hopes to increase its staff from fifteen to twenty people. They intend to maintain their human scale based on non-delocalizable jobs.
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