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KPMG offers long-term sponsorship for students in vocational high schools

Information updated on 24/03/20

Signatory of the Companies and Neighborhoods Charter, KPMG helps facilitate inclusion for students at the Pierre Mendès-France vocational high school by helping them find internships and jobs, discover professions, and experience the business world.

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KPMG, a leading consultancy, audit, and accounting firm, signed a convention with the Pierre Mendès-France vocational high school as part of the Companies and Neighborhoods Charter co-steered by the French government and Montpellier Méditerranée Métropole, and managed by Face Hérault. The goal is to favor equal opportunity. The company is accompanying its second class this year, sponsoring students in their junior year who are preparing to take the vocational baccalaureate with a focus on business administration.

Employees at KPMG volunteer to take turns leading workshops. Topics include: how to prepare for a job interview or find an internship; knowing how to set goals and write a letter of motivation; and even learning self-esteem and concepts of proper business manners.

“We provide them with knowledge about management and administration professions, along with general information about how companies work,” highlights Camille Mathiot, coordinator for KPMG’s Montpellier office, very committed to the “High schools for success program.”


The consulting company’s team provides constant support over the three-year high school program. “We offer students one workshop every quarter,” adds Corinne Forissier, a volunteer participant, retired from the company.

“We work with them, but we don’t do things in their place. When there are challenges, we help students find solutions to overcome them.” Support workshop sessions are offered to interested students every Thursday afternoon.

The feedback has been very positive. “Students wait for us to announce the next workshop,” observes Camille Mathiot. KPMG staff members enjoy this program very much. “They feel very involved,” points out Corinne Forissier. “Their contact with the high schools and young students is highly beneficial for them as well.”
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