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Launch time for HUT apartment-observatory in Montpellier

Information updated on 23/11/18

The unprecedented HUman at home projecT (HUT) unites specialists in diverse disciplines from computer science and architecture to psychology.

Top départ pour l’appartement-observatoire HUT à Montpellier ©HUT-LIFAM
The HUT team will study data from an ultra-connected apartment, lived in by two students, for three years.
Starting October 1, two volunteer students from Montpellier will live together for one year at the “HUman at home projecT (HUT) apartment, equipped with about fifty different sensors, including temperature, movement, floor pressure, air quality, and facial recognition sensors. Designed as an observatory for the apartment of tomorrow, technology usage, and its impact on residents, HUT is a collaboration effort between 60 researchers from 12 laboratories at University of Montpellier, Paul-Valéry University, CNRS, and IMT Mines Alès. Seven companies from the Montpellier Métropole area are also participating in the consortium: Deliled, OCEASOFT, Sens Digital, Synox, Weda, EDF, and Nexity.

Data lakes

In their daily life inside a new 3-bedroom apartment with balcony, rented by University of Montpellier, the HUT residents will generate a massive amount of data on movement, eating habits, energy consumption, and more. Stored on a centralized server, these “data lakes”, as well as user feedback, will be finely analyzed by researchers in both “hard” sciences and human and social sciences.

Planned for a duration of three years, with HUT residents changing each September, the program is expected to mobilize a budget of 4 million euros.
Montpellier Méditerranée Métropole is providing 700,000 euros in funding.

This research fits in with our Smart City project,” highlighted Montpellier Métropole vice-president Chantal Marion in mid-July, at a platform inauguration taking place at the Maison des Sciences de l’Homme Sud.

HUT will give researchers an early opportunity to study the usage and acceptance of objects and systems that could equip the apartment (such as a new-generation bicycle for eccentric muscle training), as well as the legal framework regarding private data and ethical conditions for conducting experiments.
* Institute of Electonics and Systems, Dynamics of law, Praxiling, Montpellier Research in Economy, Montpellier Research in Management, Epsylon, Laboratory of Forms, Architectures, and Environments (LIFAM), EuroMov, Muscle dynamics and metabolism (DMeM), Computer Science and Production Engineering Laboratory (LGIIP), Montpellier Laboratory of Computer Science, Robotics, and Microelectronics (LIRMM), and Espace-Dev.

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