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Les Pins, a green property developer committed to equal opportunity

Information updated on 28/01/20

Montpellier based property developer Les Pins Promoteur d’Immobilier (LPPI), is committed to sustainable development and equal opportunity in the city’s priority neighborhoods. The company is preparing to sign the Companies and Neighborhoods Charter.

De gauche à droite : Le promoteur Marc Hisbergue président de LPPI, Kamel Bara directeur de les4chemins et Christopher Tasti chargé de projet de l’association, dans le potager en cours de plantation. @DR

From left to right: Developer Marc Hisbergue (CEO of LPPI), Kamel Bara (Director of Les 4 Chemins), and Christopher Tasti (the association’s project manager), planting in the new garden. @DR

In 2019, property developer Les Pins Promoteur de l’Immobilier (LPPI) set 6,000 euros aside after drastically reducing the use of paper for its publications and professional documents. “We no longer print flyers or reservation contracts. It’s all handled electronically,” says Marc Hisbergue, CEO of the company he founded in 2017 in Montpellier’s Millénaire district to promote sustainable property development.

“We also want to help small associations that do not have the networks or financial resources to set up their environmental projects.”

A dozen associations will benefit from Les Pins efforts, such as Les 4 Chemins, an association in the La Mosson district that convinced LPPI with its project to create an educational vegetable garden – “Les Petites Mains Vertes” – exclusively for children in the area. “Hérault Habitat gave us access to an unused 800 m² piece of land, closed to the public, on which a winter vegetable garden was recently created,” summarizes Kamel Bara, director of the association. About twenty children helped with the work. The 250 euros given to the association by LPPI will be used to purchase tools and plants to expand the garden and create a flower space. “We have a very small budget, so we really appreciate the support provided by LPPI!” exclaims Kamel Bara.

Internships for youth in priority neighborhoods

LPPI also planned to help two other projects in December. “We focus on projects that raise awareness among younger generations regarding important issues such as food, nature, eco-responsible behavior, especially in priority neighborhoods,” adds the company director.

This exemplary approach also supports LPPI’s strong dedication to promoting equal opportunity and fighting against discrimination in priority neighborhoods. The property developer therefore decided to sign the Companies and Neighborhoods Charter co-managed by Montpellier Méditerranée Métropole and the French government.

“We are committed to hiring young people who have a hard time finding internships because they do not have a professional network,” concludes Marc Hisbergue.

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