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Matooma commits by offering computer equipment to associations in priority neighborhoods

Information updated on 28/01/20

Signatory of the Companies and Neighborhoods Charter, Matooma celebrated the Christmas spirit by offering to redistribute computer equipment to associations in priority neighborhoods.

De gauche à droite ; Thomas Dupressoir encadrant technique Informatique Plus, Frédéric Salles, président de Matooma, Abdel Bakkali président Cité Citoyenne, Kamel Barra coordinateur Les 4 Chemins

From left to right: Thomas Dupressoir (technical manager, Informatique Plus), Frédéric Salles (CEO, Matooma), Abdel Bakkali (president, Cité Citoyenne), Kamel Barra (coordinator, Les 4 Chemins)

On Friday, December 13, Frédéric Salles, CEO of Matooma, welcomed three association representatives to his offices: Abdel Bakkali, president of the association Cité Citoyenne; Kamel Bara, coordinator for the association Les 4 Chemins; and Thomas Dupressoir, technical manager at the professional integration organization Informatique Plus.

The meeting was organized to focus on a simple idea launched by Matooma, to offer computer equipment to associations in neighborhoods covered by the city’s priority development policy. The gesture is part of Matooma’s commitment to the local Companies and Neighborhoods Charter. Co-managed by the French government and Montpellier Méditerranée Métropole, the Companies and Neighborhoods Charter is a lever for actions to promote equal opportunity and territorial unity.

The equipment will be very useful for the associations Les 4 Chemins and Cité Citoyenne, which are both involved with education in schools and families in Montpellier’s La Mosson and Près d’Arènes neighborhoods. For the Informatique Plus professional integration project, operating in the Petit-Bard Pergola neighborhood, the equipment will support activities by twelve employees going through professional integration.

Matooma, which demonstrated its generosity with its commitment, is specialized in providing multi-carrier cellular data SIM cards for machine-to-machine communications and access to various local telecom operators. In case of network problems, the Matooma device rescans to find other available networks and then connects to the next strongest network signal to ensure continuity of service. For example, the company’s SIM cards are important in remote assistance solutions that help elderly people remain independent at home, as well as for managing and monitoring water facilities operated by the Montpellier Water District. Matooma positions itself as a high-tech provider that is concerned with today’s social and environmental issues in order to help create a better world for tomorrow.

The group’s meeting regarding Matooma’s donation was a good occasion for the innovative company and the three neighborhood associations to hold a brainstorming session. Ideas and questions flowed freely regarding each entity’s responsibilities towards fellow citizens and the environment. Friday the 13th was a lucky day, filled with the spirit of Christmas, generosity, and sharing. Through a charitable action, the concept of mutual assistance was strong and will hopefully inspire others to follow.


Abdel Bakkali, president of the association Cité Citoyenne highlights the importance of opening corporate doors to young people: “I happened to have the resume of a brilliant girl in the digital sector who was looking for an internship as part of her vocational degree.” The message was well received.

Frédéric Salles founded Matooma seven years ago. The company now has about fifty employees serving international customers. “We are proud to take on young people as interns in order to help bring them closer to the business world and its operating codes.” For example, Matooma is welcoming two students from priority neighborhoods in Montpellier for their required business observational internships (job shadowing).

Kamel Barra, coordinator for the association Les 4 Chemins, emphasizes public values and the role of law with respect to cyber-education actions carried out for youth. No doubt inspired by his 25-year career as a policeman.

Thomas Dupressoir, technical manager, focuses on the importance of patron generosity for equipment. The association Informatique Plus, which manages the @T-Work digital project, operates largely thanks to donations of computer equipment that is reconditioned, sold, and configured to meet the needs of associations and individuals benefiting from social welfare

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