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MedXCell Science leverages Montpellier stem cell research

Information updated on 19/11/18

It’s a world-first! The startup MedXCell Science brings the Swiss company MedXCell together with the Montpellier CHU university hospital, which has integrated the startup in its Cyborg biotechnology incubator. The goal for MedXCell Science is to become th

MedXCell Science valorise les recherches montpelliéraines sur les cellules souches

Prof. Christian Jorgensen, director of the Institute of Regenerative Medicine and Biotherapies, and Dr. Danièle Noel

Founded in August 2018 in Montpellier, MedXCell Science SAS wants to develop and market innovative cellular therapies targeting osteoarticular disorders, such as arthrosis. The company’s originality is that it associates MedXCell SA, based in Lausanne, Switzerland, with Montpellier researchers and the Montpellier CHU university hospital. “This is the first time a French CHU is participating in a company leveraging academic results,” highlights Thomas Le Ludec, general manager of the Montpellier CHU.

The company’s founders have several goals. “We want to become the leader in regenerative medicine. Our objective is to generalize cutting-edge, minimally-invasive treatments with regenerative potential. We found real expertise in Montpellier. We are going to collaborate with world-class experts,” says Dr. Mathurin Baquié, director of operations at MedXCell SA and CEO of the Montpellier startup.
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