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Montpellier Discovery, a virtual reality treasure hunt to explore the city

Information updated on 24/11/23

In September, Core Scope launched a treasure hunt enhanced with virtual reality through Montpellier’s historical landmarks. Founded by students, the young studio has already worked with Montpellier’s Université Paul Valéry and Opéra Comédie.

Capucine Nicolas, Marie Marquet etOphélie Mourier ®E.Hannoteaux
Core Scope team, from left to right: game designer Capucine Nicolas, programmer Marie Marquet, and communication manager Ophélie Mourier, on the “family” path in Montpellier Discovery, at the Montpellier Botanical Garden. ®E.Hannoteaux
Released in mid-September, the free Montpellier Discovery mobile application transports users into the city’s Medieval history during a Plague epidemic via a life-size treasure hunt. From one puzzle to the next, players use their smartphone to roam through downtown Montpellier’s rich historical landmarks. One of the notable original features in the game is its intensive use of virtual reality.

“We identify with virtual reality technology,” explains Marie Marquet, president of the Core Scope publishing association. “We all played Pokemon Go!”

The game offers two courses, one in the downtown “Ecusson” area for young adults, the other in the Botanical Garden for families.

Its second originality is that Montpellier Discovery was created by a group of students, who founded the Core Scope association in early 2018. Core Group won the Digital Innovation prize in the “Transform your Region” competition organized by Montpellier Université Paul Valéry with Pepite-LR, the student center for innovation, transfer, and entrepreneurship, of which Montpellier Métropole is a partner.

Backstage at the Opéra Comédie concert hall

Today, Core Scope comprises eight students and young professionals in development, game design, graphics, programming, and communication. Three of the team have “student-entrepreneur” status.

“We are almost all in the Video Game professional program at Université Paul Valéry”, adds Marie Marquet, currently working on her Master's degree. The young studio pursues its creations and handles specific operations for partners. “We would like to do similar projects for other cities in the Montpellier Métropole area,” says the association’s president.

Core Scope has already elaborated a virtual reality map to help people find their way around the Université Paul Valéry campus. The same technology is also used as guide for curiosity seekers through the Opéra Comédie building.