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Montpellier “French Tech Capital”: startups build momentum with Montpellier Méditerranée Métropole

Information updated on 17/12/18

Now reaching maturity four years after its certification, the French Tech Montpellier ecosystem is recognized nationally and internationally, thanks to many fine achievements that anchor the territory firmly in its innovative context.

L'Hôtel French Tech est situé à Montpellier.
French Tech Montpellier wishes to rise to the challenges of hyper-growth and international development announced in the French Ministry's new roadmap.
Actively supporting the emergence and success of the French Tech movement in the area, Montpellier Métropole will support entrepreneurs who apply on behalf of the territory. The stated objective is to create the innovation giants of tomorrow in our economic region.

Montpellier Métropole supports the creation of an associative structure and is building a facility dedicated to innovation

Facing the challenges of a globalized and highly competitive economy, Montpellier Métropole supports the creation of a dynamic and flexible associative structure focused on entrepreneurs.

Montpellier Métropole president Philippe Saurel points out that “starting in 2020 in the Cambacérès business district, the construction of a facility dedicated to innovation represents an investment of more than 20 M€ and will eventually be one of the symbolic and unifying sites serving this new ambition.”

Thanks to ongoing collaboration among Montpellier’s innovation stakeholders, French Tech Montpellier has a positive impact on the development of local companies and job creation within the greater Montpellier area:
  • Continuously declining unemployment – now 12.2% – since 2014 (13.6%) despite non-stop demographic growth (+8,000 inhabitants per year)
  • One of the highest growth rates in the number of salaried employees with respect to other French metropolises since 2014: 3.2% in 2017 (URSSAF)
  • French Tech Montpellier obtained 7 thematic networks
  • Over 350 M€ in funds raised since 2014 for startup creation and development in the metropolitan territory
  • 42 French Tech Pass certifications (#1 territory outside Paris)
  • Inauguration of the French Tech Building in 2017, a building preceding the future “French Tech Halle” dedicated to innovation in the Cambacérès district (8,000 m²), with over 20 M€ in investment
  • Acquisitions totaling over 500 M€, including Teads (285 M€) and Medtech (170 M€)
  • Initial public offerings, including MedinCell (30 M€) and others, and soon Vogo
  • Major events: BigUp4Startup, UTNS (A Streetcar Named Startup), DigiWorld Week, and more, and international exposure via business missions (Slush - Helsinki, DLD - Tel Aviv)
The arrival of new business accelerators: WeSprint, Start2You, Le Village by CA, and more

Témoignages d’entrepreneurs

“French Tech Montpellier provides extraordinary strength for international visibility and international business cooperation. Those aspects are fundamental for development.” Ludovic Charbonnel, co-founder of ChallengeMe

“French Tech Montpellier and its entrepreneurs also raise awareness among a large number of non-innovative companies, helping them become more innovative.” Pierre Alzingre, founder of Visionari and organizer of A Streetcar Named Startup

“The issue for French Tech Montpellier is now to work on the keys to support economic development for companies, and to assist them. We have also seen that the lack of diversity among business directors is a problem. That point still needs work.” Frédéric Salles, director of Matooma

“The French Tech label brought us both national and international recognition. To remain in business, we need to get involved with efforts to drive the French Tech 2 mission.” Katia Vidic, founder of Nelis

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