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Montpellier Market of National Interest is developing its innovative agricultural processing center

Information updated on 14/12/21

Montpellier’s Market of National Interest (MIN) is a flagship for local and sustainable production. Spearheading the effort, MIN’s agricultural, artisan, and local processing center is growing quickly.

Label d'Oc au MIN d Montpellier©DR

“Label d'Oc” at Montpellier MIN ©DR

The first agricultural processing center at a Market of National Interest (MIN) in France was created in Montpellier three years ago.

It comprises a dozen fast-growing companies, generating 1.5 million euros in sales with about 50 employees: Agriviva (vegetables), Label d’Oc (canning), Il était un fruit (preservative-free dried fruit), Hérault Butcher’s Cooperative and Le goût du bœuf (meat), Clarelia (allergen-free prepared meals), Coopérative Terracoopa (Camargue rice cream, tofu, organic desserts), and more.

Their customers include businesses and restaurants, cafeterias, national supermarket chains, direct-to-consumer farmers, and more.

The processing center is a major innovation that emerged as part of Montpellier Métropole’s food and agroecology policy, which favors farming practices that respect the environment and encourages consumption of local, healthy, and sustainable food products via local supply chains. Based near the city’s downtown area and benefiting from complete traceability tools, the Montpellier MIN is a key vector for the area.

Out of the 22,000 MINs in France, ours has the highest level of regional products, covering nearly 50% of all sectors – including fruit, vegetables, meat, and cheese – produced by an increasing volume of organic farming. Our food processing center adds value to products supplied by about one hundred local farmers and breeders,” highlights Olivier Lauro, managing director of the Montpellier Market of National Interest.

“Label d’Oc”, a wide variety of prepared dishes

Label d’Oc is one of the center’s emblematic companies. It doubled its production in 2019 and expects its momentum to continue through 2020.

We provide custom services for producers who provide raw materials and then sell jars, terrines, and prepared dishes themselves. We handle product shipping on-demand between farm sites and the MIN facility,” explains Sylvain Goineau, founder and director of Label d’Oc, which has also attracted clients involved with canned foods and ready-made meals.

The company creates a wide variety of products concocted from original recipes based on fruit and vegetables, herbs, meat, and seafood.
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