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Montpellier Métropole launches a 700,000 € creation fund to support players in the CCI sector

Information updated on 27/06/22

Montpellier Métropole, a territory that welcomes innovative and creative talents, brings together nationally and internationally renowned schools, studios, and production companies specializing in creative and digital industries.

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Montpellier Métropole supports the Creative and Cultural Industries sector in many ways, implementing ambitious policies that include assistance for welcoming and developing companies; support for festivals and image awareness activities; management of a film shooting reception office since 2010; creation of professional events such as MICC (“Montpellier Industries Culturelles et Créatives”) since 2018; and the creation of an entire district dedicated to the cultural and creative industries, where Tropisme Hall was inaugurated in 2019.
Now, Montpellier Métropole is launching a fund to support creation in order to strengthen the creative and cultural industries sector by enabling players to set up permanent operations and thus increase the overall attractiveness of the Montpellier ecosystem.
The goal is to support those who innovate and take on new entrepreneurial projects, who challenge our world and transcend our imaginations.
Montpellier Méditerranée Métropole is stepping up its support for creators and artists, an effort that is central to the area’s candidacy for Montpellier 2028 - European Capital of Culture.

A support fund of 700,000 euros for CCI creation

With an annual endowment of 700,000 €, this fund is intended to encourage young local talent and production companies by providing funding for unique works in the fields of documentaries, animation, video games, and immersive experiences.
The fund is complementary to existing regional programs for film, audiovisual activities, and video games.

Fund overview

Who can submit projects?
The production company (delegated production or co-production) taking the initiative as well as the financial, artistic, and technical responsibility for the production of the work.
What types of works can be submitted?
The program targets the following works in their development and/or production stage:
  • Short films: animation, documentary, fiction
  • Full-length films: animation, documentary
  • Audiovisual works for TV / Web: animation, documentary, video works (implementing a channel’s editorial strategy - in production only)
  • Video games: supporting a studio in Vertical Slice creation (under development only)
  • Immersive and interactive works (virtual reality, augmented reality, etc.): animation, documentary, fiction
Projects are only eligible if they meet at least two of the following four criteria:
  • The author or main director can demonstrate a professional background linked to the Montpellier Métropole area.
  • The producer(s) or delegated co-producer(s) have a permanent presence in the Montpellier Métropole area at the time the grant is paid.
  • The work has a clear cultural link with the Montpellier Métropole area.
  • The production company/studio relies substantially on local artistic and technical talent in terms of employment, preparation of work for completion, and spends a significant amount of money in the area.
What is the application deadline?
Applications must be submitted by Friday, July 1, 2022.
How are projects selected?
Project proposals will be reviewed by three reading committees: Animation / Documentary / Video games - Immersive experiences. The reading committees are comprised of 15 full members and three alternate members, all from the professional community and appointed for a period of two years.
These three committees will issue an advisory opinion regarding the artistic and technical quality of submitted projects, their feasibility, and their relevance in terms of their relationship with the metropolitan area and the local Cultural and Creative Industries sector.

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