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Montpellier video game developer Plug In Digital raises 70 M€

Information updated on 16/12/21

Plug In Digital, an independent video game publisher and distributor, has raised 70 M€ in Series B funding, now seeking to take its place among the world’s top video game companies through new investment in production and strategic acquisitions.

Francis Ingrand, CEO Plug In Digital

Francis Ingrand, founder and CEO of Plug In Digital

Plug In Digital, a leading independent publisher and distributor of independent video games, has completed a round of funding for 70 million euros led by Bridgepoint Development Capital, with funding from Eurazeo.
Plug In Digital will continue to operate independently in a fast-growing video game industry, which has been the world’s leading entertainment market for the past several years, representing more than 175 billion dollars in revenue in 2020 (source: Statista). That figure is far ahead of the cinema ($12 billion) and music ($20 billion) sectors.
With this round of funding, the Montpellier company will roll out a new phase in its growth strategy, notably by increasing its investment in productions – both financing more games and also raising its standards by working with more ambitious games, including “AA” projects. The strategy will also include acquiring development studios and other relevant partners in the video game ecosystem.
“We have been tracking the video game sector closely for a while and were impressed by Plug In Digital’s story,” declares Olivier Nemsguern, a partner at Bridgepoint Development Capital.

“The company is already positioned as a leader in the attractive distribution market, and, thanks to a determined and experienced management team, they have succeeded in building a strong brand name in the development sector for independent games. We are looking forward to working with Plug In Digital over their next growth steps.”

Plug In Digital, a complete player

Plug In Digital was founded by Francis Ingrand in 2012. Both a publisher and distributor, the company was able to establish itself rapidly as a complete player in all video game markets (PC, console, mobile), and has often been a precursor, such as with Cloud gaming where it holds a strong position. The company’s two labels – Dear Villagers and PID Games – are the flagships of its growth strategy, with a portfolio of existing games already solid on all platforms, with dozens of ambitious new games being prepared for the coming years.

“We are enthusiastic about the idea of working with Bridgepoint on the next steps of our ambitious growth project,” declares Francis Ingrand, CEO of Plug In Digital. “We are convinced that they are the ideal partner to work with us on our future growth, both organic and through targeted strategic acquisitions. We are proud to be accompanied by their team, which was convinced by our differentiating model, strategic vision, and our own teams.”

Plug In Digital has undergone average annual growth over 50% for the past 5 years, notably thanks to the rapid rise of Dear Villagers, its publishing label already with over 8 ambitious games released since it was created in 2019. One of its most recent titles – The Forgotten City – is a worldwide commercial success, praised by international critics for its high-quality narration and dialogs, not to mention its captivating and unique graphics. The company’s second label, PID games, was also highly successful with its alternative positioning that offers studios flexible and modular publishing and co-publishing solutions for all game media (PC, console, and mobile). PID Games is on track to publish 30 video games by the end of the year in collaboration with studios around the world, from Brazil to Finland, of course including many French partners.

A company with strong local roots

Plug In Digital is a privileged partner for the entire French video game industry, distributing works by the smallest studios as well as the largest, also leveraging privileged relations with many independent studios that it works with at a publishing level. Taking advantage of its local roots as a solid part of its strategy, the company has opened offices in China (the world’s largest market), participates in actions to support the industry in Africa, and has established strong ties with South America.
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