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My Sport Market, a 100% eco-responsible e-shop

Information updated on 30/03/21

The Montpellier BIC assisted startup created a platform where sports stores can unload their unsold stock all year round. An anti-waste and eco-responsible solution.

Thibault Barthez, CEO de My Sport Market ©3M Maugendre David

Thibault Barthez, CEO of My Sport Market ©3M Maugendre David

This is the online store that sports stores have been missing. Assisted by Montpellier BIC, the Montpellier startup My Sport Market created a web platform where retail outlets can give their unsold goods a second chance, without having to wait for sales periods or having to let them go for low prices to discounters.
The procedure is incredibly simple. Retailers have very little to do: they just scan the bar code of the product they want to sell on the platform and indicate the expected price. Once the information is sent, the My Sport Market solution takes care of presenting the article automatically. As soon as the product is sold, a shipping label with the buyer’s address is sent to the retailer. All they have left to do is stick the label on the box and ship it.

A subscription service

Sporting goods stores do not always have websites. This solution enables them to benefit from exposure offered by the My Sport Market platform. The concept is based on a subscription model. The solution is particularly interesting because it is in line with a new legal requirement that forbids merchants from eliminating unsold non-food products. This rule in France is related to new anti-waste laws favoring a circular economy. The health crisis took care of the rest.

“Retail businesses understood that they had to use digital technology,” explains Thibault Barthez, the company’s CEO.

The appeal is clear for businesses: they get to both reduce their unsold inventory and avoid waste, while also building sales. The business model is based on eco-responsibility.

Preparing to raise funds

With four employees, My Sport Market wants to raise 600,000 € to accelerate its development. This is a strategic step where assistance is often essential.

 “Montpellier BIC helped us get ready for fund raising. They are helping us grow,” comments Thibault Barthez. The company was recently selected by Le Tremplin, an innovation platform dedicated to sports, led by Paris&Co in the context of eco-responsible solutions for tomorrow’s sports, notably in cooperation with the sports giant Décathlon.

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