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Neighborhoods and Companies/PAQTE Charter, now more essential than ever

Information updated on 25/04/22

Designed to encourage companies to work with residents living in Montpellier’s priority neighborhoods, this program fully served its purpose in 2021. Here is a full report.

Dispositif Achats – Quartiers
Supported by Montpellier Métropole and the French government through the Neighborhoods and Companies/PAQTE Charter, taking action to promote diversity and equal opportunity is a commitment that was needed more than ever in 2021, due to the impact of the health crisis on increasing inequalities. Access to jobs in the labor market was affected particularly.
FACE Hérault, coordinator of the program on behalf of Montpellier Métropole and the State, spared no effort in the greater Montpellier area. The foundation mobilized many stakeholders in the employment sector, including associations based in neighborhoods targeted by the City’s Priority Neighborhoods policy (Quartiers de la Politique de la Ville - QPV) and the sixty or so companies involved in the Neighborhoods and Companies/PAQTE Charter.

“Everyone really got involved,” confirms Olivier Fay, FACE Hérault’s Innovation and Network Manager. He adds, “More than 40 organizations participated in six job fairs to support residents living in neighborhoods targeted by city policy. Two of the organizations – L’Odyssée de l’Emploi (led by the Public Employment Department and FACEnergie Sport (managed by FACE Hérault) – focused on sports as a means of connecting employers and young people. Eighteen companies also opened their doors to present their activities.

Attracting over 90 job seekers, these visits made some people very happy.

“One of the companies that offered tours, Sÿnia, actually ended up hiring two people,” notes Olivier Fay.

Sixteen companies also gave presentations to 410 students in seven “reinforced education network” schools (REP/REP+) in the Montpellier Métropole area, helping them expand their career options and fight self-censorship. Approximately 50 internship opportunities were received from companies and offered to first-year high school students at these schools.
The La Poste group hosted four students from Les Escholiers de la Mosson, Simone Veil, and Jeu de Mail middle schools in December 2021, to acquaint them with the various types of jobs within the group. also took on one student.

“Our role is to show young people that careers in video games and digital technology are accessible to all,” explains Romain Aymard, the company’s CEO.

Many others share his commitment. For example, several companies - including Dell - have joined the “Wi-Filles” initiative, which encourages young women to choose the digital technology sector.
To participate in the economic development of underprivileged neighborhoods, the Charter’s signatory companies were put in contact with Alife Conseil, which created a directory of companies located in those areas  in order to boost their activity. Preliminary results from this effort include Bouygues Énergies et Service signing a contract with one of the companies listed in the directory and placing an order for professional clothing.
Fourteen associations located in priority neighborhoods have received equipment donations from Charter signatory companies, including much needed furniture, computers, and printers. Dell and Kaliop were among the donors. Masque+ /ATE Formation hosted a Christmas party for 38 families in Montpellier’s Petit-Bard-Pargola neighborhood. EDF is involved with the “Energy Check” initiative run by the Unis-Cité association, training young people engaged in civil service to help families in disadvantaged areas to use their utility voucher. The Vinci Foundation provides support to Alife Conseil, and the EDF Foundation to three associations, Acteurs, IMEIF, and Savoir Être et Vivre Ensemble (SEVE).
ACM Habitat, Montpellier Métropole’s public housing operator, launched an operation called “Jeudi oui à l’emploi” (Yes to employment Thursday). Twenty of its employees were involved in this charitable mentoring program, which consisted of six workshops held from June 17 to November 25. 130 young people participated. As of today, 15 of them have already found the path to employment.
Lastly, the sporting goods chain Decathlon has established relations with associations and partners in urban areas who are in contact with young sports enthusiasts. Two sessions were organized at Decathlon in the Odysseum shopping center to give a helping hand to young people who are not familiar with opportunities in the sports sector. Those discussions led to an event dedicated to the sports sector held on February 17 in Montpellier’s La Mosson district, where nearly 40 young people had the opportunity to meet the company’s teams and educators in the field of sports. Decathlon also identified several promising talents for its future recruitments.
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