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Nordine El Ouachmi on the road to success

Information updated on 14/12/21

Bureaux and Co, subsidiary of the Burostation group in Montpellier, signed the Companies and Neighborhoods Charter in 2018. A solid commitment led by CEO Nordine El Ouachmi, originally from the La Mosson district.

Nordine El Ouachmi, président de Burostation et Bureaux and co ©David Richard

Nordine El Ouachmi, CEO of Burostation and Bureaux and Co ©David Richard

Since he signed the Companies and Neighborhoods Charter, Nordine El Ouachmi – CEO of the Burostation group and its subsidiary Bureaux and Co – has organized open-house days for job seekers and welcomed middle-school students from priority neighborhoods for observation internships.

We welcome them warmly to try and break down social barriers and give people a feeling of belonging,” he says. “We want to show them that companies like ours are accessible and that they can feel free to present themselves and contact us.

He also goes out to meet project leaders from priority neighborhoods during events organized by social inclusion stakeholders. He gave a presentation for Adie, a pioneering association involved with micro-funding, during a daylong event entitled “Reveal your talents!” on April 9. He also spoke at the Hérault Chamber of Crafts and Trades a few months ago during a training session on company creation. “I tell them it’s possible!” adds the entrepreneur. “The important thing is to know yourself, your abilities, your goals, and to target realistic achievements. There is no reason to hold back from talking about your project and getting help.

“If I don’t do it myself, who will?”

Nordine El Ouachmi is speaking from experience. Born in Montpellier’s La Paillade district, his school attendance was not always exemplary. Without any type of diploma, he created an industrial maintenance and cleaning company when he was 21. He then expanded his activity to include office planning and got involved with real estate. In 2004, he founded Bureaux and Co in the Parc 2000 business park. The company specialized in shared office space and co-working. Two years later, he founded Burostation, a startup that was incubated at Montpellier BIC and Station F in Paris. Burostation provides a digital tool that cross-references supply and demand for office space co-leasing to optimize the use of available facilities.

At age 39, the self-made Montpellier businessman keeps building successes. With two million euros in revenue and about 20 employees, he recently increased the company’s capital equity to over one million euros and is expecting the company to grow significantly. He feels that his commitment is an obvious choice:

It is incredibly important! As someone who came from an underprivileged neighborhood, and who knows how hard it can be to obtain an internship or create a business activity, I feel that if I don’t do it myself, who will?

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