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Odesyo revolutionizes digital printing control

Information updated on 14/12/21

Based at the Montpellier BIC Cap Omega incubator, Odesyo innovates for digital printing with its new color control system. Following its recent round of funding, the startup will dive into the global market at LabExpo in Brussels in late September.

Dominique Martin et Philippe Copin, fondateurs d'Odesyo©David Richard

Dominique Martin and Philippe Copin, founders of Odesyo ©David Richard

“80% of print job rejects are due to color problems,” says Dominique Martin, who co-founded the Montpellier startup Odesyo with Philippe Copin in 2017.

 To resolve this problem, Odesyo’s experienced professionals designed a real-time colorimetry control system from scratch. The system, called Smijet, connects to industry-standard digital printing machines. Smijet combines a compact scanner equipped with a patented sensor, and real-time image processing software to immediately implement corrections during production. 

“Our patented Human-Eye technology uses artificial intelligence and creates a model of human eye perception. That enables the solution to reject only those defects that are visible to the human eye. This is a major benefit, as current printing systems may reject printed items that are acceptable, leading to excess costs of 6 billion euros a year.”

Hiring in 2019

Incubated by Montpellier BIC and SAAT AxLR, the company has been located at the Cap Omega facility since 2018. Odesyo now has its eyes set on the global market:

“We are targeting some 10,000 companies that use digital printing machines, notably for custom textiles, packaging, and labels, as well as 150 to 200 manufacturers. We want to move quickly.”

That is why the recent round of funding is so important, ideal for approaching international sales and pursuing technological research. Odesyo plans to hire two new employees in 2019, joining the company’s current six-person team.

Financial backers from the Montpellier ecosystem are participating in the effort: Odesyo raised 500,000 euros from Melies Business Angels, Sofilaro, Venise Invest, and Kozinet. Funding was rounded off by financial relays provided by the Occitanie Region, Créalia Occitanie, and Bpifrance. The young company hopes to sell about twenty systems in 2020.

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