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PEPITE 2020 award: Jason Perrier, national winner for PEPITE LR

Information updated on 23/11/20

Co-founder of Agoragom, Jason Perrier laureate of the PEPITE Springboard for Student Entrepreneurship competition organized by the French Ministry of Higher Education, Research, and Innovation in Paris on October 6.

Jason Perrier co-fondateur d’Agoragom, avec Frédérique Vidal, ministre de l'Enseignement supérieur, de la Recherche et de l'innovation

Jason Perrier, co-founder of Agoragom, with Frédérique Vidal, French Minister of Higher Education, Research, and Innovation

On October 6, 2020, the award ceremony was held for the PEPITE 2020, a competition that seeks to encourage young entrepreneurs’ commitment around the country. Jason Perrier, a student-entrepreneur from the PEPITE LR cluster, is one of the national laureates.

Assisted by Montpellier BIC, the young entrepreneur co-founded Agoragom with Sohaïb Salouane. Agoragom is a marketplace for selling used industrial tires. Clearly grounded in a circular economy approach, Agoragom’s goal is to make used tires as accessible as new tires.

Currently under development, the solution’s official launch is scheduled for Q4 of 2020.

PEPITE award

Organized by the French Ministry of Higher Education, Research, and Innovation in partnership with Bpifrance, the emblematic award recognizes the achievements of young entrepreneurs and supports creativity and entrepreneurial spirit among students and recent graduates. The Pépites award (literally “little gems”) was simultaneously given to 10 young entrepreneurs who stood out for their solidarity during the health crisis.


PEPITE-LR is one of 29 Student Clusters for Innovation, Transfer, and Entrepreneurship present throughout France. Their goal is to promote entrepreneurial culture among students, offering early assistance for the projects to create or take over a company, presenting entrepreneurship as a vector for occupational inclusion, and thus encouraging company creation.
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