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Septeo, a fast-growing Legal Tech heavyweight

Information updated on 27/02/20

The European leader of digital solutions for legal professionals, Septeo recently acquired three companies near Paris. With 30 years of experience, the Lattes-based group is increasing its appetite for international business and has plans to hire.

Hugues Galambrun, Philippe Rivière, Jean-Luc Boixel, dirigeants de Septeo@DR

Hugues Galambrun, Philippe Rivière, and Jean-Luc Boixel, directors of Septeo @DR

Could new technologies be used to make legal work easier and more efficient? It was an idea that originated with Philippe Rivière, a computer engineer, founder, and director of Septeo, alongside Jean-Luc Boixel and Hugues Galambrun.

The adventure began in 1988 when we founded Genapi, the first French software developer for notary publics. We then opened our activity to other professions by creating or acquiring companies,” such as Secib for lawyers and Legal Suite for in-house counsel.

Other solutions were developed for real estate and corporate IT departments. The group’s activities were pooled in 2013, with the creation of Septeo, now the leading European player in the Legal Tech sector.
As both a developer of software solutions and a provider of IT services, the group’s latest achievements include a smart engine for drafting legal deeds and forms, and a chatbot that uses artificial intelligence.

Our strategy is based on innovation. We have 250 engineers and invest over 14 million euros in R&D every year. We also focus on long-term vision and customer-centric culture,” summarizes Philippe Rivière, who consistently seeks growth.

Objective: doubling export sales

By successively acquiring three companies in the Paris region – La Gestion Intégrale, Novatim, and Appliwave – in the last quarter of 2019, Septeo reinforced its strengths, namely real estate and the Cloud, while diversifying its activity in the telecom sector. Septeo now comprises 14 companies, employs 1,400 people, and claims over 120,000 users and sales revenue of 150 million euros, up 20% in 2018-2019. Already present in Belgium, Tunisia, the United States, Canada, and Dubai, Septeo plans to continue its international growth.

We are assessing other acquisition projects in Europe and North America, with the goal of increasing exports from 12% to 25% of our revenue within the next five years,” announces Philippe Rivière, who also has similar ambitions with respect to hiring additional staff. “One of the major advantages of the Montpellier Métropole area is the momentum brought by its students and its extensive resources in terms of brainpower. We can find people with interesting profiles here faster than in Paris.” 

The group hired 350 new employees in 2019. A record that Septeo hopes to break every year!
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