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Special effects giant Mathematic sets up its new studio in Montpellier, further boosting momentum in the Cité Créative space

Information updated on 30/05/23

Mathematic, a special effects production and animation studio expands its global presence with its facility in Montpellier. Their decision to set up operations here supports Cité Créative vitality in a fast-growing CCI district.

Mathematic’s move to Montpellier

The world-renowned studio is located in the Annexe building in the Cité Créative space. Working with prestigious clients such as Apple, Disney, and Netflix, Mathematic plans to employ about 100 people at its Montpellier site. The studio looks forward to working in close collaboration with talents graduating from local schools, including its neighbor ESMA, as well as with other major CCI players in the Montpellier area involved with video games and animation.

“Cité Créative”, a dynamic and innovative district

With its “eco-district” label, Cité Créative is dedicated to the Cultural and Creative Industries, with properties tailored to the needs of industry professionals.

Starting in the fall of 2023, the Cité Créative Museum building will also welcome new CCI companies in over 2,100 m² of offices and shared space.

The Montpellier area CCI sector currently employs nearly 3,000 people and generates revenues of 300 M€. The arrival of new companies such as Mathematic further strengthens local professional expertise, contributes to the region’s economic dynamism, and stimulates innovation and cooperation.