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Specialist-Wanted, online services to become a “super-entrepreneur”

Information updated on 25/06/20

Laureate of the “Tramway Named Startup” competition, Specialist-Wanted gives small companies a way to access benevolent professional services via its web platform. Hosted at Cap Omega, the startup wants to pick up speed in 2020.

Photo de l'équipe de Specialist-Wanted @dr

Specialist-Wanted founders Aurore Moser (left) and Lionel Seltz (right), with their team.

Upon returning from Asia, where they spent time planning their project, Aurore Moser and Lionel Seltz decided to move to Montpellier. Not just a random choice:

“Montpellier cumulates dynamics, an enjoyable life style – the downtown area is fabulous – affordable prices, and an international school for our children. All the planets came into alignment,” admits Aurore Moser.

Participating in a Jump’In Creation session offered by Montpellier BIC enabled them to refine their business plan. They launched their startup in late 2017. The team (currently six employees) set up its offices at the Cap Omega startup incubator.

Participating in the French Tech ecosystem, and member of the Digital 113 cluster, Specialist-Wanted was recognized in November 2019 as laureate of Montpellier BIC’s Tramway Named Startup competition. The prize came at just the right moment: the company had launched its web platform in the fall of 2019 to put founders and small companies in touch with professionals not only ready to provide their experience, but to do so with sincere benevolence.

Fund raising planned for 2020

Specialist-Wanted now lists 170 specialists in business development, human resources, coaching web marketing and communication, management, administrative support, and more. On the other side, 800 small companies have already signed up, free of charge. All operations take place online, from managing appointments, discussing via chat or videoconferencing, automation, and payment and invoice tracking. The Specialist-Wanted team also offers mentoring upon request to help small companies further evaluate their needs.

Already referenced on the CCI Store portal – a partner of the Expat Value site, Orange, and liberal professionals at ORIFF-PL LR, Specialist-Wanted now plans accelerate its commercial development. The startup is seeking to raise 200,000 € to 300,000 € in 2020 to boost its growth.

“Montpellier BIC is also helping us with the funding process,” adds Aurore Moser.

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