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Studi launches online training for youth in priority neighborhoods

Information updated on 20/11/19

With its fast growth in the e-learning sector, Studi offers 100 free online training courses for residents of Montpellier’s priority neighborhoods. The courses are part of Studi’s commitment to the Companies and Neighborhoods Charter signed in 2016.

Pierre Charvet, CEO de Studi @studi

Pierre Charvet, CEO of Studi @studi

Studi’s commitment took concrete shape in 2018 and 2019, notably with networking efforts undertaken by Montpellier Méditerranée Métropole and the Local Mission program. In 2019, twenty-nine young people assisted by the Local Mission as part of its youth support efforts in Montpellier’s priority neighborhoods benefited from free online courses offered by the Studi group. Studi’s goal is to provide one hundred courses to youth in those neighborhoods.

This is one of the main commitments made by Pierre Charvet, CEO of Studi, in November 2016, when he signed the Companies and Neighborhoods Charter, co-managed by the French government and Montpellier Méditerranée Métropole and driven by the Hérault Foundation for Action Against Exclusion (FACE). Pierre Charvet joined the association about ten years ago to sponsor young victims of discrimination.

One of Studi’s main issues is to enable as many people as possible to access training that gives them qualifications and access to desired careers, either by reinforcing their skills in a particular field, or by supporting their reorientation,” highlights the group’s CEO, who wants to “lead the youth in priority neighborhoods towards success.

Hiring over 40 counselors

Founded in 2001 in Pérols, just south of Montpellier, Studi has developed four online schools: Comptalia (accounting, management, law), Comnicia (sales, marketing), Ecolems (health, beauty, wellness, individual services), and Prépalia (preparation for public service entrance exams). They offer a total of more than 75 courses and 45 diplomas from Professional Aptitude Certificates (CAP) to MBAs. With over 20,000 people trained online, and a staff of 170 people, the company is now the leading organization for online diploma courses chosen by recipients of professional training benefits. The subsidiary of Galileo Global Education based in Soissons, France, is growing quickly and preparing to hire over 40 guidance and training counselors.

The company offers young people in priority neighborhoods the same services as its regular online training clients: e-learning platform, video chat with teachers, social learning (students discussing among themselves), pace adapted to students’ needs, and more. Often contacted by associations, Studi also plans to make its training easier to access for women living in underprivileged neighborhoods. Once again, the end goal is to continue supporting equal opportunity.
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