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Top-level training for entrepreneurs who balance growth and social responsibility

Information updated on 27/02/20

This year’s SME Growth Strategies Executive MBA offered by University of Montpellier’s Montpellier Management Institute, in partnership with Montpellier Méditerranée Métropole, will be... LEADER!

Lancement de la promotion EMBA
In 2020, the SME Growth Strategies Executive MBA is opening with a class exclusively comprised of members of the Leader-Montpellier business association. According to all parties involved, the partnership was an obvious choice. The result is personalized assistance to boost development.

 “These are all well-established companies that have projects to expand yet are fully aware of their social and environmental responsibilities,” explains Christian Curel, president of Leader-Montpellier, a cluster that brings together about fifty growing companies across all business sectors.

Initiated in 2013 by Montpellier Méditerranée Métropole and University of Montpellier’s Labex Entreprendre – the only excellence laboratory in France focusing on entrepreneurship topics for VSEs/SMEs and innovation – the SME Growth Strategies Executive MBA has already trained a good number of Montpellier business leaders. Since it was launched, the highly sought-after training program has helped accelerate some forty company growth projects representing over 200 new jobs.

A business plan that meets company growth needs

For the first time, the new session starting on January 23 only included entrepreneurs from Leader-Montpellier, highlighting their focus on social responsibility. The program is divided into two parts. The first part covers five days led by LabEx research-professors, consultants, and company directors, providing participating entrepreneurs with practical and theoretical knowledge about basic business aspects, such as strategy, organization, development resources, competitive relations, strategic alliances, and international efforts.

During the second part, participants benefit from personalized assistance by SME Growth Pack experts from Montpellier Métropole to help provide structure for their growth projects.

This enables them to step back and think about their action objectively, while successfully carrying out a business plan that meets their company’s growth needs,” highlights Karim Messeghem, university professor and co-manager of the Growth Strategy Executive MBA.

A very enriching training program,” exclaims Aline Herbinet, founder and CEO of Mooven, a fast-growing company whose digital tools facilitate the health journey and well-being of patients and other people with a need to emerge from inactivity or sedentary behavior. Originally a researcher in science and techniques for sports and physical activities (Staps), she felt the need to further her own training to better manage her company’s rapid development.

The approach is both practical and theoretical, and it helped answer my questions,” adds the CEO, who also appreciates “sharing experience with other company directors.” 

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