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Towards employment without discrimination

Information updated on 17/05/19

Mutuelle des Motards signs Companies and Neighborhoods Charter, co-sponsored by Montpellier Métropole and the French government, in partnership with Face Hérault. Objective: facilitate hiring people from priority neighborhoods.

Nolwenn Stephant -Assurance Mutuelle des motards©DR

Nolwenn Stéphant - Mutuelle des Motards insurance ©DR

Signing the Companies and Neighborhoods Charter in 2018, the insurance company Assurance Mutuelle des Motards (AMDM) committed to help young job seekers in priority neighborhoods liven up their resumes and begin networking, notably by sponsoring them or taking them on for a mission.

Selected by Face Hérault, these young job seekers already have a project. Our role is to coach them, motivate them, and provide them with openings so that they gain self-confidence,” summarizes Nolwenn Stéphant, in charge of development in the human resources department and promoting quality of life in the workplace at AMDM (430 employees, 300 of whom are in Montpellier).

Other priority focus: handicapped people

By signing the Charter, along with forty other companies in the Montpellier Métropole area, AMDM made a two-year commitment for “realistic” actions and results. The company sponsored Naouel, a young woman changing her career orientation seeking a work-study contract, by hosting her once a month.

 “Naouel found a four-month certificate course to become an assistant,” says Nolwenn Stéphant.

Co-sponsoring the program, Montpellier Métropole helps the company set up its approach.

Local authorities put us in contact with institutional partners and associations such as the Local Mission, which informed us about the Youth Guarantee mechanism,” adds the development manager. “We welcomed Leila for ten days to provide her with a preliminary professional experience.”

Five other managers and employees at AMDM already mentor people seeking jobs or changing careers. That is just the beginning. The action plan is much broader and will further expand to include other priority groups of people, such as handicapped people.

There is potential in this diversity. Creating opportunities for people to meet with the company will help overcome inequalities for accessing jobs,” points out Nolwenn Stéphant.

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