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UIMM Occitanie LR, a player for Montpellier, Positive Industry

Information updated on 14/12/21

As host for the 1st Metropolitan Council for Positive Industry workshop, and coach during the recent UTNS event, the UIMM Occitanie LR federation is firmly committed to the Montpellier, Positive Industry approach launched by Montpellier Métropole.

Atelier UIMM

UIMM workshop

The vision for positive industry – innovative, connected, eco-responsible, united, and committed – promoted by Montpellier Métropole has been adopted by the UIMM Occitanie LR professional federation.

The agreement is headed in the right direction. We share these same values,” says Simon Philibert, general secretary. “Our mission is to defend and promote industry companies and help them grow. It is important to engage in territorial marketing. We have an opportunity for a fresh start.

Taking a proactive approach, UIMM Occitanie LR welcomed the first workshop of the Metropolitan Council for Positive Industry at its “Station M” site in Baillargues on November 28. The previous day, two of the federation’s experts had provided coaching on human resource and innovation management for participants in the Tramway Named Startup event, led by Montpellier Métropole for the third consecutive year to bring company founders together with innovation stakeholders. This year’s event attracted about one hundred project leaders and 80 coaches, and led to over 400 meetings.

Project: a resource center for the industry of the future

In our discussions with the Metropolitan Council for Positive Industry, we contribute our in-depth knowledge on local companies,” adds Simon Philibert.

Presided by Luc Martin, CEO of the Optitec group in Vendargues, UIMM Occitanie LR has 175 members (totaling 3,900 employees) around the greater Montpellier metropolitan area, including Horiba Medical, Profils Systèmes, Atole, ECP, Kawneer, Solem, ESII, IES Synergy, and more. 600 industry companies are partners of the federation’s Training Department. Driving industrial momentum, UIMM Occitanie LR is very active with training, including both work-study and ongoing professional education. The department is led by Etienne Léa, director of Captels in Saint Mathieu de Tréviers, just north of Montpellier. 

We train about 600 people via work-study programs, with levels ranging from vocational aptitude certificates to third year of university,” explains Simon Philibert. Our goal, which is ambitious, is to increase that figure by 50% within the next five years. Industry is a sector for the future, and we need to train the next generation.”

Another major project for UIMM Occitanie LR is also in the works: creating a resource center at Station M dedicated to tomorrow’s industry. “It could be a flagship site for the positive industry, where industrial companies can get together, share information, and innovate.”

The second Metropolitan Council for Positive Industry workshop is scheduled for January 10, at the EDF Group facility in Montpellier. After the workshops, an industrial policy roadmap for the Montpellier Métropole area, covering the 2020-2040 period, will be elaborated jointly and presented in the spring.
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