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Unified Software, a DeepTech startup, receives the French Tech Seed label

Information updated on 29/03/22

Assisted by Montpellier BIC, the DeepTech software company Unified Software was recently awarded the French Tech Seed label. It also completed a first round of funding with private investors and Bpifrance for its R&D program.

Eric Quivy, CEO of Unified Software © Unified Software

“Unified Software has developed a new “no-code” tool called Software Factory, which enables users to create business applications twenty-five times faster than other methods. Thanks to this tool, companies can update their software to keep up with business changes by leveraging a combination of new no-code and artificial intelligence technologies,” explains CEO Eric Quivy. Traditional approaches using standard software, or developing specific applications, are no longer able to properly cover companies’ needs. Software Factory assembles standard business components graphically, and thus offers an alternative option for creating a 100% customizable standard solution in just a few hours. In addition, all software applications generated by Software Factory automatically interface with each other, enabling customers to implement a unified information system.

Protected by three patents, the invention received the French Tech Seed label, which enabled the innovative startup to successfully complete a first round of funding with private investors and Bpifrance to fund its R&D program. The first version of the project, whose goals are international, will be available before the end of 2022.
Unified Software’s R&D team is comprised of engineers with significant experience in the software development field. They had previously designed and developed software that is now installed in 25 countries around the world.

This bright new company is assisted by the Montpellier Business & Innovation Centre (BIC) and hosted at Cap Omega. They expect to continue lighting up the stage in the Montpellier and becoming a reference in terms of innovation!

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