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Valeco plans to create 150 to 250 new jobs within the next five years

Information updated on 05/08/22

Based in Montpellier, Valeco is already one of France’s top 10 renewable energy producers. The company continues to gain momentum after joining the EnBW group, one of the largest energy suppliers in Europe.

François Daumard, président de Valeco ©Valeco

François Daumard, CEO of Valeco ©Valeco

The sun is shining on Valeco. The Montpellier based renewable energy producer announces that it is recruiting 30 to 50 new employees per year over the next five years. This is necessary to keep up with growth. Specialized in photovoltaic and wind energy, the group is looking for people with profiles from all horizons. One of the top qualities expected from candidates is that share the company’s values regarding eco-responsibility.

    “We will train our employees ourselves. Our teams are assembled to develop projects for services that we will launch within the next eight years”, explains François Daumard, CEO of Valeco.

With a focus on gender equality within the company, a wide variety of positions will be available, including wind energy project managers, wind farm and solar operation managers, ecologists, maintenance technicians, lawyers, cartographers, offshore buyers, and more. The Montpellier group already hired 70 people in 2020, as it increased its production capacity by 25% to reach 500 MW.

Valeco now has a staff of 230 people, with 180 in Montpellier, and wants to become one of the five key players for green energy in France. Its ambition leverages the French government’s Multiannual Energy Program (PPE). As a steering tool for national energy policy, the PPE was created under the country’s Energy Transition Law for Green Growth, seeking to bring French renewable electricity production to a level of 102 to 113 GW in 2028, doubling the 2017 level.

Valeco hopes to handle 10% of all new construction each year. The company’s integration into the EnBW group in June 2019 gives Valeco the technical and financial means to reach its goals. The third-largest energy provider in Germany, with the powerful Land du Bade-Wüttemberg as one of its main shareholders, the electric utility chose to place its new Montpellier subsidiary at the head of its development in France.

“EnBW came to Valeco with a genuine public-sector culture and long-term vision,” confirms François Daumard. As the sun shines brightly on Valeco, the winds are also blowing in the right direction, given its location in the Montpellier Métropole area. “This is the territory in France with the highest number of renewable energy providers”, he adds.