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Vik seeks to become a virtual companion for the chronically ill

Information updated on 19/11/18

During “Pink October”, Wefight is enhancing its chatbot Vik, which answers patients’ questions about breast cancer. Located at the Cap Omega incubator, the startup wants to expand its support to include other chronic disorders, such as depression and asth

Vik veut devenir un « compagnon » virtuel des malades chroniques

Wefight founders: Benoît Brouard (left) and Pierre Nectoux

“How can I reduce burning caused by radiation therapy?” asks one patient with breast cancer.

Vik-Sein, the chatbot developed by the Montpellier startup Wefight, answers the question right away via instant message.

“Treatments increasingly take place at home, so sick people are often alone with respect to the massive amount of information available on the web. Our chatbot Vik answers questions around the clock, using its database of content validated by health professionals,” explains Benoît Brouard, CEO of Wefight.

 The virtual companion is based on natural language recognition, artificial intelligence. It also enriches itself continually.

“We developed a monitoring logbook to automate medication reminders and share information with the attending physician.” 

Launched in October 2017, Vik-Sein has been adopted by over 5,000 users. The solution is a partner in the “Patient network” association, which developed the “My breast cancer network”. This summer, English language support was added. On October 13, content was enriched with answers to questions about metastatic (advanced) breast cancer. Wefight is also interested in integrating voice recognition, a feature that is planned for 2019.

Discover Wefight at Futurapolis Health

A former hospital pharmacist at the Public Assistance Hospitals of Paris, Benoît Brouard defended his thesis on the topic of aid provided by digital solutions for chronically ill people. He founded Wefight in early 2017 in Paris with engineer Pierre Nectoux.

In January 2018, I came back to Montpellier, where I had studied pharmacy.” 

Assisted by Montpellier BIC and hosted at the Cap Omega incubator, the 8-person startup is also incubated by the Brain and Spine Institute at the La Pitié-Salpétrière hospital in Paris. Wefight convinced the Entreprendre network, Occitanie regional authorities, Bpifrance, and the EIT European Health initiative to provide their support. Wefight is presenting Vik on October 13 at the Opéra Comédie in downtown Montpellier during the Futurapolis Health event.

Vik-Sein is accessible on Facebook Messenger simply by adding “Vik Sein” as a friend, or on iPhone and Android by searching for “Vik Cancer”.
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