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Weezyo, combining performance with design to create custom computers

Information updated on 08/11/22

In his workshop in the Garosud Business Space in Montpellier, Gérald Chosson is inventing hi-tech “haute couture”: his all-in-one Weezyo computers are each unique, featuring a design shaped like a drop of water.

Gérald Chosson in the Weezyo workshop @Edouard Hannoteaux
Accessories such as external hard drives and Bluetooth speakers will expand the lineup in September. Weezyo hopes to conclude fund raising to pursue its development.

With Weezyo, I wanted to give a decorative dimension to hi-tech,” says Gérald Chosson. The designer has been producing custom computers since 2016. “Our DNA is based on design, elegance, uniqueness, and ultra-high performance. Every color is possible and there are no limits to the finishing touches. We had one customer who wanted a leather-coated computer to match the couch in his new apartment. Another asked us for a product that was the same color as his i-phone.” Weezyo’s targets include liberal professionals, store design consultancies, hotels, and more.

Every custom Weezyo computer is assembled at the company’s workshop in the Montpellier Business Space (Espace Entreprise) in the Garosud zone. The company’s flagship model is an all-in-one computer shaped like a drop of water, with a bright dual-screen and internal components that are high-performance, robust, and modular.

We are battling programmed obsolescence. Every component can be changed,” challenges Gérald Chosson. “We even include automatic backup.

To create its custom models, the company works with craft artisans such as Pierre Armengaud, a master woodworker from France’s Aude department, and Dysabo, a plastic artist from the Gard department. Customization comes at a price: units created since October 2017 have sold in the 8,000 to 13,000 euro range. In September, the company’s offering will expand to include external hard drives and Bluetooth speakers crafted from exotic wood. An IP television is planned for late 2018.

Gérald Chosson is preparing a round of fund-raising (100,000 to 150,000 euros) in the fall to build his team and hire two more people. Weezyo also plans to launch a crowdfunding campaign.

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