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ArtFx special effects school moves to new site

Information updated on 20/06/18
ArtFx, a school specialized in special effects and animation cinema, recently moved to its new location at the Parc Euromédecine science park. Along with another local school, ESMA, ArtFx is recognized as one of the world’s top 12 schools in this sector, and is ranked among the top two worldwide for its digital special effects program. This makes Montpellier the second most attractive place in France for special effects, just after Paris.
3D film animation, special effects, and video games are three fields with major momentum today. There are numerous students, with many job opportunities awaiting. Montpellier stands out in this sector with its high-performance schools and animation studios, catching film producers’ attention.
Created in 2004, ArtFx moved this year to its new location at Montpellier’s Parc Euromédecine science park, enabling the school to welcome its 360 students and provide all the necessary equipment for drawing, sculpture, and computer-based work, along with space for actually filming and producing movies.
Montpellier is also home to other well-positioned schools, such as ESMA - the higher school of fine art - which trains over 500 students in animation, photography, and design.
According to the American site, Animation Career Review, both schools are among the top 12 in the world. Students graduating in Montpellier are being hired by the most prestigious studios in London, California, Canada, and New Zealand.
Other top-quality programs, such as those offered by Objectif 3, Acfa Multimedia/Studio M, and Montpellier universities, round out an overall attractive training offer for animation studios.
Local companies are just as dynamic: right behind Paris, the Montpellier region hosts the most companies in the video game and 3D animation sector in France. The local digital creation and video game sector is comprised of over 70 companies, representing about 700 jobs. Among these companies are: Ubisoft (video games), the largest local employer; DwarfLabs (animated movies), which has just passed the 100 employee milestone; the German studio Chimera Entertainment (video games, creator of the Angry Birds Epic game), which is planning to set up its research and development teams in Montpellier; Mad Films Mi (animated movies), and Scimob (video games; cf. article about Scimob in this newsletter).
Gilbert Kiner, director of Artfx and president of the RECA network, the French network of animated film schools (25 schools in France), says: Montpellier’s position is an amazing asset for the development of digital companies. The desire of Montpellier Métropole and the Région to trigger momentum for the French Tech program and new technologies is a strong message that will encourage companies and studios to come set up operations in our area. Highly present here, RECA schools want to participate in this approach through collaboration-oriented work involving companies, schools, universities, and research laboratories.”
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