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2nd edition of the “C Dans le Son” (it’s in the sound) podcast competition launched!

From 18 05/21
From 18 May 2021
to 26 September 2021
Information updated on 29/07/21

Following the success of the first “C Dans Le Son podcast competition, Montpellier Métropole and Coodio launch the second edition on the theme “The Territory’s Voices”. If you are an amateur or professional podcaster, it’s time to go get your microphone!

Concours de podcasts C dans le son : lancement de la deuxième édition !
For the second year in a row, Montpellier Métropole is organizing the “C Dans Le Son” competition with local audio cluster Coodio, and the Montpellier Tourist Office, with support from many partners.*
Entitled “The Territory’s Voices”, this year’s competition seeks to bring together two worlds that bring life to the Montpellier area: podcasts and economic stakeholders.

“The territory’s attractiveness for tourism is everyone’s business, a passion that focuses the light – and sound – on the various local players, such as artists, creators, wine-makers, tourism professionals, people involved with the cultural scene, and more,” points out Cyril Meunier, Montpellier Métropole Vice President in charge of Tourism, Attractiveness, and Conferences.

The “C Dans Le Son” competition has three main goals:
  • Helping audio creativity to emerge and enable beginner and expert creators to demonstrate their know-how and inventiveness.
  • Highlight the people promoting tourism and attractiveness in the Montpellier area.
  • Promote and provide exposure for the Montpellier area
This event is an innovative, dynamic, and original opportunity to generate visibility and interact with local talents.

“The C Dans Le Son competition provided a real boost. It gave me a chance to turn my podcasting into a professional activity and accelerate the launch of my podcast studio. A great adventure!” says Paul Engel of La France Baladeuse, winner of the first competition and patron of this year’s event.

“I never dared to take the first steps, even though I have been a radio enthusiast for many years. I wanted to test my skills and creativity by signing up for “C Dans Le Son” a few weeks after moving to Montpellier. I reached second place, which was not only lucky, but it was also a revelation. Thanks to the prize awarded by Radio Clapas, I was able to consolidate a podcast project that had interested me for a while. It’s now online, right here,” exclaims Emma Vega, participant and laureate of the competition’s first edition.

Partners for this year’s event, co-organized by Montpellier Métropole, Coodio, and the Montpellier Tourist Office: WAT Festival, Radio Clapas, Le Son de l’Encre, Ausha, and Le Pod.
Paul Engel (La France Baladeuse), winner of the 2020 competition, will be patron of the jury. With support from Eval&Go for handling the online call for public votes.

The purpose of the competition:

Participants must submit a podcast of no more than 30 minutes on the theme “The Territory’s Voices: Montpellier on the trail of those who build it every day”. Remember, duration does not make the podcast’s quality!
Podcasters are asked to submit an original production that includes an interview of a local professional, such as an artist, creator, winemaker, tourism service provider, etc., combined with ambient sounds, music, and/or sound design. The podcast should tell a story about the territory and its appeal by highlighting a particular profession or passion. The purpose is to highlight the people behind the job, as well as their attachment to the territory. Productions must be human-oriented, original, offbeat, and imaginative.

  • Candidates must pre-register by clicking here.
  • Podcasts must be submitted before September 1, 2021, by sending e-mail to:, with the following e-mail subject: Concours de Podcasts “C dans le son : Les voix du territoire”
  • Click here to see competition rules.
  • May: competition launch
  • June - August: interviews and podcast production
  • September 1: podcasts submitted by participants to organizers
  • September 1 - 22: preselection committee with jury members, and call for public votes for the “People’s favorite” award
  • September 23, during inauguration of WAT Festival: prizes awarded by jury members on the stage at Esplanade Charles de Gaulle in downtown Montpellier Launch of call for public votes for the “Favorite” award. Coodio will host a round table on the topic of travel, with podcaster partners and Radio Clapas. Open to all, this event will perk up your ears!
  • September 26, before the award ceremony, “What a Trip” Film jury: award for “People’s favorite” at Centre Rabelais.
  • Award 1: Best territorial promotion
  • Award 2: Best angle
  • Award 3: Best technical and sound quality
  • Award 4: Production originality
  • “People’s Favorite” award
A participant can only receive one award (except for the “People’s Favorite” award).
Awards 1 - 4:
  • 700 € per winner Podcast distributed on organizers’ podcast and other media platforms (Montpellier Métropole, Tourist Office, and Coodio) for two years.
  • Broadcast on Radio Clapas
  • A Metropolitan marketing pack including relays on social networks and Department of Economic Development, Employment, and Inclusion websites, and an article in the Montpellier Métropole magazine.
“People’s Favorite” award
  • A day at the Le Son de l’Encre studio (value 750€)
  • A week of training offered by Radio Clapas
For all 5 laureates:
  • 2 guided tours of Montpellier’s historical downtown area per winner (valid for 1 year)
  • Promotion on
  • 1-year boost subscription offered by Ausha
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