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Agroecology and sustainable food supplies: 1st Assembly

From 05 02/19
From 05 February 2019
to 06 February 2019
Information updated on 13/02/19

1st Territorial Assembly: have agroecology transition and sustainable food supply really united everyone?

Montpellier Méditerranée Métropole accueille la plus grande communauté scientifique en agriculture, alimentation, biodiversité et environnement du monde.
Many institutions and local stakeholders in Montpellier are joining forces to organize the 1st Territorial Assembly focusing on the Agroecology Transition and Sustainable Food Supply, to be held on February 5-6 at the Corum Conference Center in Montpellier.

Benefiting from a rich and all-encompassing agenda, visitors over the two days will discover, understand, experiment, and exchange ideas about territorial concerns related to organizing policy for agroecology and food:
  • Setting up farmers in unused peri-urban areas
  • Rethinking school meals
  • Incorporating food-related issues into urban planning policies
  • Re-using city waste for agricultural purposes
  • Etc.
The event is organized under the high patronage of the Ministry of Agriculture.

Event agenda:

The Assembly will include plenary sessions to open and close the event, and two half-days of participatory and creative workshops whose topics and presenters will help people understand the six major types of issues, action levers for territorial authorities, partners, and governance aspects.

The six workshop themes are:
  • The food economy and job creation
  • Culture, tourism, and fine foods
  • Nutrition and health
  • Fight against food poverty
  • Agroecology, biodiversity, and the environment
  • Urban development balance and food
An event co-organized by Agropolis International, CNFPT, Terre en Villes, and Montpellier Méditerranée Métropole. Under the high patronage of the Ministry of Agriculture.
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