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Call for projects: Companies On Campus

From 13 12/22
From 13 December 2022
to 30 June 2023
Information updated on 23/02/23

The I-SITE Excellence Program perpetuates the Investment for the Future Program initiative seeking to create world-class universities that stand out for their innovative capacity and their impact on society.

9 research organizations, 2 schools, 3 health institutions, and 1 international organization are working with University of Montpellier on a project that focuses on three major and interrelated societal issues: “Feed - Care – Protect”. The project focuses on promoting scientific excellence, openness, international recognition, student life, and pedagogical innovation, as well as potential impact on territories and society.
One of the Excellence Program’s goals is to foster the creation of partnerships between companies and the various entities within the program’s scope. The proximity between partners focusing on topics of common interest is one factor that promotes the sustainability and consolidation of the program’s partnerships.
As part of the overall project, the choice was made to facilitate the integration of staff from outside companies within the Excellence Program’s research organizations. In order to support medium- and long-term residencies, a budget was allocated to overcome some of the operational barriers that could slow down this type of project, such as creating good working conditions, covering material needs, increasing staff to manage hosting, and more.
The “Companies on Campus” call for projects presents the conditions for research groups involved in this approach to receive I-SITE Excellence Program support.
Since 2018, six editions of the “Companies on Campus” call for projects have already provided support to 26 selected projects, granting over 1,250,000 € in funding.
Following a positive evaluation by University of Montpellier’s Strategic and Structural Investment Committee, the “Companies on Campus” call for projects has been launched once again to continue its action.
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